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Samhain Dance, Yoga & Ixcacao Retreat

Dance, Yoga and Ixcacao in the amazing Dojo in Bath, UK


The Stoneyard Old Orchard, Bath GB BA1 5AX
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  • Retreat

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Oct 29
11:00 amto18:00 pm



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You are warmly invited to our SAMHAIN RETREAT at the amazing DOJO in BATH, UK.
Ritual, Music, Dance, Yoga, Meditation, and Sacred Cacao.
Samhain is also known the "day of the two hinges, it is a vortex between worlds and with great respect, we will use this very sacred day to deepen our practice and bring more clarity and perspective into our lives.
Embodiment practices are a must for wellbeing.
Well anchored to the Earth, we will also connect with the cosmic and solar energies to bring more coherence in our lives.
Myth, Symbols, Archetypes and Bodywork will be guides in this personal and group work towards a more embodied and present way of being.
Limited places please do book at **
29th October
Price: £88
Times: 11-18h.
** Please note – this is a pre-book only event
Testimonial from Daisy Finer, SPA and Health Editor, Conde Nast Traveller:
“I’ve never met anyone like Sole before. She is a High Priestess for the Modern Age, yet all the while she is as solid, and as rooted, and as grounded as an ancient gnarly Oak tree. She has the swish of a skirt about her, the bell of an ankle bracelet, the thump of a tribal drum, an impish look of light and life and laughter. She holds a thousand stories; she is a treasure trove of goodness, of goddesses, of philosophers, of shamanic wisdom and ancient religions. She is a woman for all women; a woman who looks to the womb as an eternal chalice of meaning, strength and peace. Which is not to say that she sits with preaching angels. She has as much fire and passion in her as you might find in any holy war. A journey with her is one where she holds you each step of the way, through your deepest insights and your darkest hours. Her work involves not just massage, breath work and yoga but intimate self questioning – so that you start to look at your inner landscape as a patchwork that draws together the threads of your lineage. Through her teachings you find yourself opening up to a new sense of awareness, respect and acceptance of your Self, as you are, here and now, in this very moment. So that whenever the winds may blow, you stand firm. Transformation comes as easily and as naturally as a snake that sheds its skin, though the way through the jungle may be fraught with obstacles. Sole nurtures you as one of her own community, but she also gently encourages you to nurture yourself, find space for yourself, indeed find yourself. The quest is not about winning medals or the light bulb moment of enlightenment, the quest is to see and explore the universe within, of which you are the pulsing centre. Through her profound Kahuna bodywork, dance, ceremonies, meditations and wondrous healing, Sole prompts you to find your own heart. Time spent with her is sacred. Every session it feels as if you are peeling off another layer, unraveling the secret mysteries of our life on this planet. And yet, Sole knows all about stepping from this Alpha dream world into the mundane. And herein lies her special touch. She walks with pride and humbleness on the pavement, not up with the fairies – and she can teach the most spirited and soulful of beings how to let their new found consciousness sit seamlessly within the framework of their practical, day-to-day busy-wheel lives. This is something very special indeed. No wonder she sparkles. “
Men and women welcome!
What people say about past events:
ƸӜƷ Yesterday, I definitely had one of the best times of my life. To experience the beauty of human sacred gathering in the vortex of the Solstice and with Ixcacao Medicine running through our the music, the dance, the utterly humbled by such depth and joy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ƸӜƷ
ƸӜƷ"Sole- what an offering! Thank you- deeply grateful for this rich ceremony and for your careful containment and holding of the space"
"Heart opening, nourishing, freeing ceremony. Beautifully held, a gift to find a space where al me is welcome and it is all celebrated"
(((♥ψ )))
"Just like coming home to the warmest sense of wonder that has been hidden away for so long, I am going to savour every feeling that has been awakened and dance into winter!"

(((♥ψ )))
"Hard to know what to say because feeling so blissed out but even so aware of how for mw, Sole is facilitating holding intuition is so balanced, deeply grounded, full of heart and extremely well informed from extensive research and through this so clearly and well intended to connect to Spirit and the Great Mystery. Deeply beyond words and grateful.
With much love"

(((♥ψ )))
"I feel enlivened, awake and in the "now", fresh eyes and bushy tailed. Thank you so much"

(((♥ψ )))
"Very excited to have participated in the ceremony. Shared myself with others. I imagined myself into the future, felt closer to myself and happy to observe and hear where other people are in their lives. Cure for aloneness. Cacao is delicious. Pure lust."

(((♥ψ )))
"Gratitude to mama Cacao, Sister Goddess Sole- Heart opening, gentle, starry, earth Awake in softness and dreamtime"

(((♥ψ )))
"Deeply connecting, I feel moved, such a wonderful real experience. I feel more alive"
(((♥ψ )))
"Beautifully flowing, lovingly held with warmth and gratitude. Both magical and grounded!Many thanks"
(((♥ψ )))
"I loved it! Thank you so much Sole- I am feeling connected and grounded- ready for the "