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San Pedro & Yoga, Mythology Shamanic Retreat -- Sacred Valley, Peru

A Shamanic Exploration of Plant Medicine, Yoga and Mythology
This extraordinary evolutionary journey combines the ancient Andean medicine of San Pedro with the powerful practice of yoga while exploring the mythology behind each yoga pose in order to create a space for personal transformation. See for more info.


Apr 18 to
Apr 24
08:00 amto13:00 pm

We meet at location TBD in downtown Cusco around 8:00 am of April 18th, so it's best to arrive in Cusco the day before on 4/17. We take a bus out to Willka T'ika, about a 90 minute ride, where will spend the week. We return to Cusco on April 24th around 1pm, so feel free to book your return flight anytime after 3 pm.



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Full Description

The Roots of Ancient Medicine

San Pedro, also known as Huachuma, has long been part of the local mountain traditions of Peruvian culture, both current and ancient. We bring this medicine into the workshop to help us open and explore the ancient stories that yoga was created from. Illuminated by the lessons of the Yogic Sages and Gods, Huachuma can help bring to light the personal mythology found in our own lives. As we explore the wisdom of myth, plant medicine, and spirit, we open ourselves to receive the knowledge necessary to create change in ourselves and in the world.

This workshop is designed to help dissolve rigid, limiting beliefs about our divine nature and open awareness to the cosmology of You: being in every moment, living here on Earth, as a vital part of the harmonious flow of the universe. Utilizing these transformational tools that have been serving humanity for ages, we will embark upon a journey to know via direct experience what this universal harmony truly means in our lives.

Yoga and Mythology

The myths of yoga’s spiritual tradition have the power to bring about a change of heart, helping you realize your full potential. Behind each pose and its corresponding movements is an old story about a god, a sage, or sacred animal. We will shamanically explore and connect to the wisdom of the sages, allowing these spirits to teach us.

The myths behind the asanas have much to teach us and their essence is found within our own hearts. For example, focusing on the roots of trees while standing in tree pose can help one become more grounded and rooted with the Earth. Learning how Shiva created Nataraja, the King Dancer can liberate us from fears and help us embrace change. The devotion of Matsya to his teacher Shiva can serve as a source of realizing that everyone in our lives has something to teach us. Through discovering and exploring these mythic tales, we will add a new dimension not only to your yoga practice but to your life.

Daily Yoga Practice

Asana practice challenges the body and focuses the mind, while the teachings and lessons of the mythology bring spiritual growth. We will incorporate these teachings into a gentle, yet dynamic, daily yoga practice in the medicine space, creating a true vehicle for healing, transformation and evolution to take place.

Visting Sacred Sites around Sacred Valley

In between ceremonial days, we will also explore various ancient sacred sites around the region connecting with its wisdom and spiritual architecture working with another sacred plant, Coca Madre, to offer blessings, open our awareness and deepen our connections to the spirits of the environment and the local traditions.

Join us in this amazing journey of Huachuma medicine, yoga and ancient teachings to awaken and illuminate the myths of your own life.

Prior experience with Plant Medicines or Yoga is not required.