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Seasonal Reset/ Reboot with Paula & Anna

Transitioning from Summer to Fall can be tough. Scheduling in a time for YOU to reset, revive and rejuvenate is essential to aligning your health, your goals, and life with the next season.


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Oct 12 to
Nov 2
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Transitioning from Summer to Fall can be tough. Scheduling in a time for YOU to reset, revive and rejuvenate is essential to aligning your health, your goals, and life with the next season.



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We are gearing up for Spring/Autumn and Anna and Paula are coming together to inspire and guide you through an opportunity to reboot and reset. Over the coming weeks tune in to get to know Anna and Paula and understand what’s in it for you.

The three-week reset/ reboot is designed to guide you to carve out time for YOU! You will begin to look at your existing habits, routines, and beliefs around nourishment, sleep, exercise, your external environment and overall self-care in a very different way than, we guarantee, you do now. You will begin to listen to your body’s deeper needs. You will then learn what to DO in response to what you hear.

Anna and Paula are inspired by Ayurvedic lifestyle practices and behavior change science, which keeps them thriving in real-time as mothers, teachers, wellness pros, artists, entrepreneurs etc. We are counter culture and shun the idea of being ‘busy women’, we use our time intentionally to experiment with better habits via strategies that build small continuous improvement. We tap into our strength to be in command of our time without having to sacrifice self-care, dynamic relationships and dharma (purpose). The key to consistently staying on track is being able to empty out our “buckets of imbalance” twice a year.

Ayurveda’s three keys to radiant longevity

-‘Ritucharya’ - seasonal body rituals that are part of the essential rhythm of the body’s annual cycle.
-Learn from yesterday
-Respect your senses

“I see the potential for radiant aging despite common misconceptions associated with inevitable degradation and aging.” Anna Berkelmans

We understand why people may dread the idea of seasonal ‘detox’ because most people never learn ritucharya. The problem with not honoring the seasonal cycles of change is that we miss the opportunity to awaken to what needs to happen next. We don’t get an opportunity to intercept habits that are accelerating our aging, or immune-destroying, or making us fat and unhappy. Better habit tracks are overlooked, poor choices are excused or deemed insignificant in the moment, building actions out of alignment with our values and deepest

Ritucharya or reboot/reset with Anna and Paula will not only save you time and money but will set you up for an easeful experience with changing course of action to be your next best self.
Before our ritucharya rhythm set in, we would jump on the latest “detox” trend, or sign up for a quick fix cleanse which gave hope for results which was never sustainable. We failed fast on our health journey and learned that a lack of structure, community, and direction left us devoid of accountability, support and personal connection. Maybe we gained some traction in the form of temporary weight loss or a brief energy buzz here or there, but the hassle often trumped effort and you know how the story ends.

Have you ever become aware that you’re not reaching your potential despite extraordinary effort or good intentions? Creating sustainable change and reaching our potential generally is a pretty low event when we are left to your own devices and willpower (DOES NOT WORK!).

Join Paula & Anna and a dynamic group of others that are taking control of their own lives, health, and daily choices to feel great and THRIVE into the next season, the holidays and beyond.