Secrets of being Ageless

You will be given the tools to adjust and readjust your body to achieve a pain free life style. The key is movement by staying elastic each day is a gift.


CSA Palm Harbor Parks and Recreation8257169
1500 16th Street, Palm Harbor US

Type of Event

  • Workshop

Yoga Styles



Mar 5 to
Mar 6
10:30 amto12:00 pm

Friday and Saturday morning.
10:30 to 12:00



Full Description

A mysterious river called the Lymph system courses through your body. Treat it well, and it just might enhance your life. Three postures will be taught each day during this workshop. Toxin leave .A claim of a new energy will flow. 90 min. duration.
Wear comfortable clothing. Bring a mat, 2 blankets,(Indian Preferred) Other props will be available to modify your postures.