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Self Realization online

Certified Yoga Instructor, Spiritual Mentor, Reiki & Shamanic Practitioner


Barefoot BLISS Yoga - Zoom online8247360
1234, Bend US

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Oct 18 to
Dec 15
15:00 pmto20:00 pm

This course starts in October 18th 2020 and goes through January 24th 2021. 12 weeks We'll meet via zoom every other Sunday and Tuesday. full schedule available after registration



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Each week will have a yoga practice and so much more! 

Week One & Two
We will begin to uncover the patterns/agreements that keep you in old beliefs. We focus on the First Chakra, Muladhara and the element of Earth. 

Week Three & Four
We will learn about the elements of water and the Second Chakra Svadhisthana.  How feelings can be a teacher.  

Week Five
We will learn about the element of fire, Dharana (concentration) the Third Chakra Manipura and how we can rekindle the fire within to take our power. 

Week Six & Seven
We will learn about the element of fire, Dharana (concentration) the Third Chakra Manipura and how we can rekindle the fire within to take our power. 

Week Eight & Nine
We will learn about the element of wind/air, The Fifth Chakra Vishuddha, Pranayama (breath control) We will begin to understand the power of our spoken or unspoken words. 
Week 10th & 11th
We will learn about our Intuition, The Sixth Chakra Anja, Meditation and we will begin to understand the power of manifestation

Week 12th

In week seven we will bring it all together. Samadhi (absorption) and how it can be embodied. The Seventh Chakra Sahasrara (crown chakra) Learning how to live with compassion and peace.

I'm excited about this powerful offering! If you have questions please reach out. Click on the link below to pop over to my website to get additional information and payment options!
Self Realization Course

I hope you are all practicing tender love and grace for yourself and others during the very challenging times.  
Much love and compassion to each of you!  Toni

Participating in this course you will transform your ability to fully experience and empower your life.

Through the teachings of the 8 limbs of Yoga, Trauma release and Shamanic practices you will be presented with the tools you need to release yourself from old beliefs and agreements. You will learn how to navigate through stress, fear, anxiety and depression. I will teach you how to find your tools, pick them up and embody what you have learned. You’ll be seen, heard and inspired to leap! Life can become ease-full. “effortless effort”

Together we will excavate what is keeping you blocked, unhappy, unhealthy and afraid.

My hope is that you will leave feeling inspired and capable. Strong, happy, peaceful and free from suffering in your own unique and special way. I am here to serve you.

From Toni ~ It’s taken me two decades to find myself. To find my path to happiness and this is what I want to teach to you! I’ve been through some pretty challenging times. It hasn’t been easy. I’ve experienced trauma, loss, anxiety and depression. What I’m teaching works, if you choose to pick up the tools and embody them. I can’t do this for you.

Are you are open and willing to become fully present and aware of each choice laid out before you? Life will continue to happen and I will teach you how to respond to ALL of it with grace, compassion and courage.