Sensit Yoga Somatics retreat on Crete with Maja Zilih

Year after year, we come to this magical place on Southern Crete to expand our horizons.
This year our program will focus on full recovery of our body, mind and spirit from the challenges we endured during the pandemic, and on finding new sources of FREEDOM within!


Agios Pavlos Hotel, Rethymno, Crete6659507
Agios Pavlos, Sahtouria, Rethymnon Crete, GR 74053

Type of Event

  • Retreat

Yoga Styles



Jul 17 to
Jul 23
18:30 pmto12:00 pm


990 €

Full Description

The program consists of twice daily yoga and somatic practice. In each session you are guided into movement while exploring the body systems, such as skeletal, myofascial, organ, fluid and neuro-endocrine system.

In Sensit Yoga, moving into and through different shapes and postures, we always make sure that we move from the inner body, with sensitivity and awareness. As we become conscious in movement of the support coming from our relationship to gravity, and from the connections between our inner spaces and structures, our nervous system can relax and become receptive and open to new learning. This new learning is about honoring the body and breath, and listening to its guidance. It is about feeling connected to the earth and the environment around us, feeling its support.

The body communicates where it has been storing the unnecessary tension and we learn how to release this tension by directing our attention and breath, by initiating movement from certain areas, and by working with gravity in particular ways. It becomes much easier to tune into the body's signals, develop our intuition, recognise when we are falling into the unhealthy patterns and automatic reactions, and start to build new patterns of more conscious living.

Unleashing the energy that was used for holding the accumulated tension results in a grounded, energized, joyful and effortless way of moving and being.

8:00-10:00 Sensit Yoga - energizing practice

18:30-20:00 Sensit Yoga Somatics - gentle and grounding practice

On the first day, there is only one - evening - session

On the 4th and last day, there is only one - morning - session

Day-to-day program:

Days 1 & 2: Bone intelligence and skeletal connections

Tracing skeletal connections improves our postural comfort, directly influences our physiological state, and elevates our emotional wellbeing. Skeletal clarity and coherence bring forth the natural and optimal alignment of the bones with space and gravity. Sensing how gravity moves through our bones contributes to our felt sense of being firmly and pleasantly grounded, well-integrated and safe in our environment.

Day 3 and 4: Embodying fascia - A felt sense of wholeness

Embodying fascia in movement practice gives us a strong sense of inner and outer interconnectedness, because fascia is the connective webbing that envelops, integrates and distinguishes all the spaces in our body. However, fascia is also our largest sensory organ, and as such, it gives us important feedback about our psycho-emotional states, as well as about our energetic resonance field. In this deeply regenerating practice, our fascia comes alive through the whole-body movements that expand us from within. With mindful stretches and activation, we target deep fascial layers that, once accessed, are able to release the accumulated tension. We complete the practice by a deeply calming method of releasing tension from the visceral fascia.

Day 5: Mind of the organs

Our organs constitute a highly intelligent internal system that nourishes, maintains and balances all life. In response to care and refined attention, organs can relax, revitalize, and return to balance
Sensit yoga with refined attention to the organs improves the functioning of the organ system, but it also strengthens its communication with the nervous and endocrine systems.
The movements, the asana, the sound vibration and gentle touch with presence, help us to locate tension in the organ tissues, and discover ways to release it. This practice brings a deep relaxation and relief, as well as toning and vitality in the entire organ system. In addition, having the external structure of the musculoskeletal system supported by the buoyancy of the internal organs, we get to experience all asana with more lightness and ease. We get to feel that external movement simply and beautifully "responds" to the internal drive for motion, breath, spaciousness or connection, that emerges from deep within.

Day 6: Ever more subtle: Nerves, glands and self-regulation: restorative yoga, somatic spiralling and embodied meditation

In this exploration we abide in a deeply regenerating state of awake, quiet presence, which nourishes our body-mind, and helps alleviate some of the symptoms of chronic over-stimulation, such as stress, headache, insomnia, shallow breathing, inflammation, and other. The practice interweaves restorative yoga with pranayama, somatic spiraling on the ground, embodied meditation and other practical techniques of stimulating the Vagal tone. We are observing, sensing and harnessing the tone and the interchanging states of our neuro-endocrine system, in order to come to balance and become more skilful at self-regulation.

Day 7: The anatomy of breathing - an interface between consciousness and our physiology

When we release inhibitions from the physiology involved in breathing, the movement of the breath becomes easy, rhythmic, responsive and adaptable to the circumstances. The jellyfish-like pulsation of our diaphragms revitalises our entire fascial system, as well as our organ body. As we become increasingly more conscious of the synergistic intelligence of our breathing architecture, the breath energy flows all throughout the body, and the act of breathing becomes a voluminous and pleasant experience. It invites the mind to settle down and ride on the graceful wave of the breath, emanating spontaneous meditation states.