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Shamanic Course | India

Become a Shaman, attend our 21 days intensive Shamanic Course India.

Shamanism is the oldest spiritual practice of the world. Moreover, it is an ancient healing tradition and a way of living.

Instruction Language:
English, but our teachers are also fluent in Hindi, German and Spanish.


Porta Vaddo, Siolim Goa, IN 403517
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Type of Event

  • Teacher Training



Nov 1 to
Nov 21
07:00 amto19:15 pm

Course duration:
3 weeks

Course Syallabus:
Getting into a trance, Shamanic methods, Asanas, Pranayama, Mantra Chanting, Meditation, Anatomy and Physiology, Basics of Ayurveda.


990 €

Type: Intensive Residential Shamanism Course with the integration of Yoga and Ayurveda.

Level: Beginner • Intermediate • Advanced Practitioner of Shamanism • All are welcome

Full Description

A shaman can make a connection between this world and the spirit world. Therefore they conduct ceremonial rituals, heal people, and guide others on their spiritual path. Furthermore shamans help to maintain harmony and balance in the community as well as in the individuals. Additionally a person can gain high consciousness with the help of shamanism.

I M P O R T A N T - T O - N O T E
Shamanism is not a religion. It does not have any dogma, no organisation, no sacred book, and no recognised leader nor does it have a single founder. While people of many religions practice shamanism, Catholics, Buddhists, Hindus, Taoists, and Jews, not all shamans are members of organised religion.

Although the Inquisition and the Nazis put great effort into exterminating shamans, they are still alive and practice their skills all over the world. Most noteworthy, everyone can learn the methods of shamanism. Therefore you will gain physical, mental, and spiritual health and you will be able to heal others.

Y O G - T E M P L E ' S - S H A M A N I C - C O U R S E
We teach a holistic way of shamanism. In other words, that means that the core methods of different shamanic traditions are combined. In that way, we can face today's challenges. Some traditions use hallucinogenic drugs to reach the state of trance. In our opinion, that is not needed. To get into a trance, we use the sound of our drums. At the end of the three-week intensive course, you will be initiated as a shaman. Thus we ask the Gods, the ancestors and the elements in a sacred ritual to guide and protect you on your spiritual path. If you have any queries, please read our frequently asked questions or write us.

Come with us on a journey to yourself!

D A I L Y - S C H E D U L E
7:00 – 8:30 Asanas
8:30 – 8:45 Break
8:45 – 9:15 Meditation / Mantra Chanting
9:15 – 9:45 Breakfast
9:45 – 11:00 Anatomy & Ayurveda
11:00 – 11:15 Break
11:15 – 12:15 Theory of Shamanism
12:15 – 16:30 Break
16:30 – 17:45 Self Study Time
17:45 – 19:15 Practice of Shamanism

*On Sunday there are no classes. Therefore it’s a day where you can rest and explore the beautiful surrounding.

All our courses and retreats are residential programmes. Therefore students train and stay in the Yog Temple Ashram during the length of their course. Since we live in the Ashram, Yog Temple can be best described as a home away from home for our students undertaking Yoga Courses in India. Yog Temple is based in two locations: Siolim, Goa & Naggar, Himachal Pradesh.

Y O G - T E M P L E - A S H R A M, S I O L I M - G O A
The Ashram building is a charming Portuguese house. Yoga classes are held in the garden outside or a spacious hall inside the Ashram. Students live in fully furnished bedrooms, each with bed, cupboards, ceiling fan, electricity sockets, etc. You are more than welcome to use the fully functional kitchen to prepare their meals. Also, stay connected with the world with our WiFi connection.

Getting around Goa is easy from Yog Temple, and we can arrange taxi and scooter services for you.

P L E A S E - N O T E
Yog Temple provides all necessary study materials for the Intensive Shamanism Course. Every student should bring his/her Shamanic drum. Traditionally it is a frame drum played with a drumstick. But you can also buy a shamanic drum at Yog Temple on your arrival. If you have any query, please let us know.

Furthermore, you will also attend the morning asana classes. For that, you can use the yoga mats we have in our ashram. In case you feel more comfortable on your mat, please bring it with you.

By the time you finish the three-week course, you will:
• Understand shamanism and its techniques
• Be fully equipped to heal yourself and others with shamanic methods
• Understand the profound impact of spiritual practices on your daily life
• Be able to integrate Yoga, Shamanism and the knowledge of Ayurveda into your life