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Shamanic Crystal Bowl Sound Journey

In the beginning of the concert you will be guided into a grounded meditative state from where the sound journey will start. After bathing in the dimension of healing sound on your own, you will be gently guided back, grounded and centered again with the gifts of balance, strength, harmony and whatever you came for. A clear intention for the sound journey is half of the goal.


Street 17, Al Quoz Ind Area 4., Dubai AE 73102

Type of Event

  • General Event


Sep 25
12:30 pmto14:00 pm

This is a Nada Yoga event:
Come and join us for a magical Sound Journey that will anchor your energy while you travel with sound to higher dimensions.
The Crystal Bowl Sounds create a unique vibrational sphere with pure liquid light tones, colors and sacred geometrics. It is often felt as a sounding cocoon that powerfully resonates within, through and around your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body
for washing out any blockages and restoring a healthy flow of energy within.

... calming and aligning, nourishing and connecting,
loving and healing, clearing and transforming, refreshing and rejuvenating, balancing and harmonizing your entire being…

It is about surrendering to the vibrating sound, where healing naturally happens.
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When: Thursday, 25th September, 2014
doors open at 7:00pm, we start at 7:30pm sharp - we will finish around 9:00pm
Where: Urban Tribe Dubai, in Al Quoz -
Wear: loose comfortable clothes
Bring: a yoga mat and a small cushion,
and 2 blankets (one for lying on and the other one for covering you) to make sure you stay comfortable on the wooden floor
plus a bottle of water - if you like - that will be energized by the healing sounds

Energy Exchange: AED 100,-

Booking: e-mail: /> or call Lizzy at Urban Tribe 056-744-2129

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AED 100,-

Full Description

Nada Yoga - Devotion to the subtle sound

Everything is in a state of vibration including our bodies. Each organ and system vibrates to a certain note and frequency, furthermore this radiates in specific light and color. As we are made of more than 80% of water – sound can be most beneficial. Just by surrendering to the sound flow, our bodies pick up naturally what is needed to reach the perfect state of balance and inner peace.

The Power of Crystal Bowls:
The crystal bowls are made of pure clear quartz sand. Each crystal bowl is tuned to one specific tone (like F major) that stretches from a halftone lower to a halftone higher corresponding to the chakras of our body. That makes 7 crystal bowls as a set. Some of them you will feel more tangible than others. When played together, the bowls create infinite sounding spirals of magnificent full tones and overtones that constantly overlap, building up spherical music. When Simonanda joins in singing along with them, the music can range from shamanic to angelic to uncommon or extraordinary… depending on the divine power that is channeled through and the group of people who comes together for the healing concert.
The additional 8th crystal bowl will connect you to your Soul Chakra as the seat of your Higher Self and align you deeper to your Inner Divine. That will allow you to reach out for your Highest Potential and ground it down on Mother Earth. This is what we came for…