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Shifting Energy – Our Connection To Infinite Possibilities

Experience who you are and embody the Real You. Learn how to unblock energies and be in your joy. This retreat is an Energy and 3 Principles based retreat. To fully be you you need to understand how all 'levels' of you work and integrate them - mentally, physically, emotionally, energetically and spiritually.


32 Cabo Verde8189845
Rua 1 de Junho Caixa Postal 135, Santa Maria, Ilha do Sal CV

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  • Retreat

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Jan 14 to
Jan 17
10:00 amto14:00 pm

We will have a session in the morning from 10am to 1pm and a session in the evening from 6pm to 8pm. Most of the retreat will be in amazing natural energy spots in Nature, these times are flexible.



Full Description

The Three Principles are a description of how we experience reality from the inside out, but they don’t tell us how to live our lives. They also point to the infinite intelligence behind life, the same intelligence which knows how to change summer into autumn and how to produce complex systems which allow us to see and be conscious.

Humans have been created over millions of years of evolution and yet we are only just beginning to understand how ‘we’ operate on a physiological level. The Human Operating System (Three Principles) is one part of what makes us human and gives us a commonality, even if the results of the process are different for everyone.

Playing with the Energy behind life is where we will focus this retreat as we open up to the infinite possibilities available to us in every moment… as we become more aware of its power and how it works in our own lives and how we are ALL connected to it… through Love.

This will be a full-on retreat, taking place on an island which is a volcano! We will be going into the hills, up into parts of the island away from civilisation and connecting deeply to the forces of nature which have shaped this island. The energy there is healing and loving, despite it being so intense.

Plug in, tune up and align with infinity!

In this interactive retreat/workshop, Fiona Maguire, a highly intuitive and experienced energy worker will show us how to unblock, shift, and adjust our energy to feel more alive, have more vitality and be able to deal with the stresses and strains of everyday life.

Damian Mark Smyth will show us some of the new and incredible science behind Energy and how we can tap into its wonderful potential at this life-changing retreat in such a stunning setting.

It’s going to be full on. But they’ll be plenty of down-time too – hanging out on the beach, meditating and yoga.

Fiona and Damian will be running the following workshops:
Day 1
Introductions and getting to know each other
Workshop 1: What is the intelligence behind life and how does it manifest? – Field trip to the Ocean

Day 2
Workshop 2: How does energy work and how do we tap into its infinite potential?
Workshop 3: How to work with your own energy – Field trip to the Volcano

Day 3/4
Workshop 4: How the unconscious mind runs the show
Workshop 5: Shifting potential – how to use your own energy effectively – Field trip to the Spiritual Rocks

There will also be daily Yoga and Meditation sessions in the mornings.

You will learn exercises to start to work with your Energy and we will talk about how perceiving your Energy and the Energy of other people enriches your appreciation of life and allows you to navigate it with ease.

“Fiona has transformed my way of being with myself and other people completely. Every session has led to such profound insights which helped me to dissolve old patterns of thoughts and emotions that I had been struggling with for a very long time”.
– Regina Kleinhenz Systemic therapist