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Simon Borg Oliver - External Power & Internal Health

During these workshops Simon will show you how to work systematically with your practice by teaching four fundamental principles of traditional yoga that are in line with modern concepts of strength and conditioning, and the science of exercise-based physiology and physiotherapy.


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Downtown burj khalifa, Southridge 6, Dubai AE 211753
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Sep 29 to
Oct 1
18:30 pmto17:00 pm


1,250  AED

Early Bird (until August 1st) for all 5 Sessions- AED 1250
Regular (After August 1st) for all 5 session- AED 1500
Single Session (After August 1st)- AED 350

Full Description

These principles can help you develop a yoga practice that will enhance your health and wellbeing on a physical, energetic and emotional level.
Each of the five 3 hour long sessions in this course includes 1-2 hours of detailed instruction on posture, movement and breathing by physiotherapist and yoga teacher Simon Borg-Olivier, followed by a flowing and meditative visually-instructed led practice to music (no verbal instructions). You will develop a practical understanding of how to use yoga to maintain and enhance health and longevity, as well as to help you recover more rapidly from musculoskeletal problems and medical conditions. This course can help you be a better teacher for yourself if you practice yoga, and can also help you teach other people.

Please note that the classes are progressive. Each session builds on the information and practice of the previous therefore encourage you to attend all workshops.
Registration is currently open for all 5 sessions. Purchase of individual sessions (Session 1,2 & 3 only) will be open after August 1st. Students cannot register for session 4 & 5, unless they have attended at least 2 previous sessions.

Session 1 ~ September 29, 18.30-21.30
Moving your spine for core strength and internal health
Learn to use your spine to create core stability via core mobility. This knowledge can not only improve your flexibility and strength, but can also help you improve your circulation, energy levels and the health of your internal organs.

Session 2 ~ September 30, 10.00-13.00
Physical power and a pain-free lower back
In this session Simon will show you how to use your legs effectively in order to develop the strength, flexibility and fitness needed to lead a healthy, active life. This understanding can also help you to improve the function of your lower back, as well as the health of your digestive and reproductive system.

Session 3 ~ September 30, 14.00-17.00
Internal energy, enhanced immunity and a pain-free neck
Learn to effectively use your arms in order to improve circulation and develop the strength and flexibility to do arm balances, binding postures, backbending postures and inversions. This understanding can also help you to improve the health of your neck and upper back, as well as the effectiveness of your hormones, your heart and your lungs.

Session 4 ~ October 1st, 10.00-13.00
Breathing for enhanced circulation and stress-reduction
Learn to effectively use your breath in order to develop your vitality and help to improve your longevity. The techniques taught in this class can also improve levels of happiness, mobility, relaxation, as well as increasing the circulation of energy and information through the body. This understanding can also help you reduce stress, regulate your body temperature, improve your energy levels, and reduce your dependence on food and sleep.

Session 5 ~ October 1st, 14.00-17.00
Blissful meditation from movement to stillness ~
In this session Simon will show you techniques that can bring you to a very focused state of mind that can be then progressed to a blissful ‘mindless’ yet conscious state called the ’empty mind’. Many of these techniques draw on a practical understanding of the nervous system, and the use of reflexes. You will be shown tools that can help to the achieve stillness in breath and mind both during static postures as well as in complex movements, which is the true essence of yoga.