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Skybody® Float® Aerial Yoga

In Float® Aerial Yoga we take many traditional yoga postures off the floor. With this newest yoga prop, aerial hammocks, you will learn how to safely go deeper into postures allowing the body to
open and strengthen in new and exciting ways. This training is good for both students who wish to develop a personal practice and those who wish to become certified Float® Aerial Yoga instructors.


2 Hudson View Way ( google map 129 W. Main Street), Tarrytown NY, US 10591

Type of Event

  • Teacher Training

Yoga Styles



Jan 16 to
Jan 25
02:00 amto04:00 am

"Martin Luther King Day" Weekend Intensive:
1/16-14 days, Friday-Monday (9am-9pm, with 2 one-hour breaks) = 40 hrs
Following weekend:
1/23-1 3 days, Fri-Sunday (6-10pm Fri, Sat/Sun 11:30am-8:30pm, with one hour break) = 20 hrs

Float® Aerial Yoga is considered the “real deal” in aerial yoga “suspension training” because of its heart felt connection to Yoga: usage of the 8 Limbs of Yoga as its guide, use of Pranayama, mindful connection to physical movement, its ongoing lessons in alignment, spatial, vestibular awareness, cultivation of inner perceptual awareness, balance, and deep meditative practices.
It’s creator and founder, Fran Sperling originally conceived this program as part an Aerial Fitness Program implemented within Reebok Sports Club/ NY in 2008.



60- hour training. Times listed include breaks.
Meals are not included in the training. Aerial set-up: hammocks, hardware and mats are available for purchase at an additional cost).

Full Description

Float® has a strong yoga base, in asana development and philosophy. The classes are intelligently constructed, designed for utmost safety, preparing students to move into deeper and more challenging positions and flows.
Instructors are trained to cue, demonstrate and spot clearly with safety in mind first. The yoga mats used for the classes are designed specifically as directional tools for applying the physics of the movement, so that students better understand the relationship of their center of gravity to that of the hammocks, as well as how to create modifications and placement where it will benefit most to individual needs.
The training and classes are playful, explorative.

Trainees learn how to teach to all levels with all modifications. The classes offer an affirmative, positive focus; are self- empowering and reflective. Its yogic core of meditation, pranayama and philosophy differs from its competitors, as it does not rely only on restorative elements or stretching, nor offers " tricks".

The focus on the training is on the journey it takes its trainees on, as well as its teaching how to help take others on their own path. It connects people to their innate physical selves, their NATURAL self in movement, where a spring of emotions lie, where the body can heal itself and move into a healthy state of homeostasis.