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Somatics - experience from the inside

Somatics (so-ma-tiks) n. – The art and science of inter-relational process between awareness, biological function, and environment, all three factors being understood as a synergistic whole: the field of somatics.


Shore road, Eastern Passage NS, CA

Type of Event

  • Workshop



Sep 7
02:00 amto02:00 am

Sept. 7 - workshop 1
Sept. 21 - workshop 2

9am – 12am both days



$35 for 1 or $60 for 2

Full Description

During the workshops we will study:

•How brain controls muscles
•Conscious control and reset how the brain and muscles communicate
•Control muscles of the back, stomach and waist (workshop #1)
•Control trunk rotation, muscles of hip joint, neck, shoulders (workshop #2)
•Most importantly, how to release your own pain!
What to expect:
•Slow movements that strengthen relationship between the brain tissue and muscles
•Gentle movements that explore the relationship between different body parts
•Movements are performed mostly lying down on the back, side or stomach that bring awareness to the core of the body
•The best brain exercise you ever experienced!
Somatics movements are slow, gentle and appropriate for all ages and flexibility levels.