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Have you ever thought of art making as a healing practice? Have you ever experienced its depth and benefits? At Shakti Healing Gardens we look at the individual in its very yogic art therapy, meditation, pranayam, movement, intuitive painting and deep relaxation!


May 10
15:00 pmto17:00 pm

Please arrive 5 minutes earlier for a prompt start.



£20 when booked before May 1st
£40 for 2 when you bring a friend

Full Description

Have you ever thought of art making as a spiritual practice? Have you ever experienced its deep healing potential?

This work shop is the LAST ONE of this season until next autumn, when "Journey through the Chakras" will only be available as a course of 7 work shops for a closed group.

Our Soul Gardening painting workshops are always held in synchronicity with the moon cycle and with Nature's

As we work in a holistic way, we include complementary meditations and exercises, which change every time according to the specific aspect we are working on.

On this last powerful session we will work combining both the THIRD EYE & CROWN CHAKRA.

The Third Eye relates to our ability to receive information directly from source and to live intuitively, following our inner guidance. This center our anchor for extra sensory perception and the esoteric seat of wisdom. This has physical correspondence in the pineal gland.

Once we reach and open the third likely, all our chakras are likely to be open and in synch and when this happens the crown automatically

On this last session we will also work on the Crown Chakra, the thousand petals lotus, which symbolizes the many different ways to divinity. Here we establish a direct connection with the Divine within us and we learn to see divinity in everything around us. Here we elevate ourselves to creators of our own experience and models/ avatars for the future evolution of human kind.

Within a space of mutual support and kindness, we will explore the subconscious mind and release some of those emotional knots and stagnated energy that have been holding us back from accessing our full potential.

Through various meditation techniques and painting exercises, we will consciously and gently dive deep into those archetypes, ancient traumas, episodes or simple comments that somehow corrupted our confidence and sense of self worth, in order to make space for a new emotional self to gradually manifest during the next cycle and beyond.
Together we will experience the therapeutic benefits of the creative process and we will focus on it rather than on traditional painting techniques. Therefore no previous experience is necessary. Just be ready to play and to think outside the box, to experience the embracing beauty of Acceptance and Self Love and to let it radiate from the core of your being into your daily life.


£25 per person or £20 when booking before May 1st.
£40 for two if you bring a friend!


Please send us a message with your email address and we ll forward a payment request to you (no admin fee)

If you are still unsure, follow the link below for reviews and teacher's full profile.

****The course will be facilitated by Ma Shakti, a multi-media artist, healer and spiritual teacher with over a decade experience of working with arts in educational and therapeutic settings. Her keen passion for and dedication to the healing potential of the creative process has lead her to run projects for several charitable organizations in the UK and abroad with the aim to spread awareness about the importance of creativity as a holistic and healing practice. By combining her spiritual interest in various mystical traditions (Kundalini Yoga, Tantra, Western Paganism, Shamanism, Tibetan Buddhism) with cutting edge therapeutic approaches (Gestalt, positive and spiritual psychology), Shakti will hold a warm and safe space for you to experience self love and empowerment and start embodying it from day one.

***For those who attend this work shop and wish to attend the journey starting in autumn, they can benefit of a "continuing student" rate if they book prompt before May 30th. This will give them the exclusive rate of £115 instead of £175 for the seven sessions-- £60 OFF!!! ****

***Also, please note, this is spiritual work for us and as such we are committed to make it accessible to as many people as possible. If you really want to attend but can not afford the full fee, please just let us know!!! We ll do our best to have you on board***