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Sounding the Heart Yoga.

An opportunity to explore and open your heart.


PO Box, 41708, , Sfalaktron, Kapandriti GR 19014
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Oct 8 to
Dec 17
10:00 amto12:15 pm

The course will be every Saturday 10.00 - 12.00 until Christmas.


150 €

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Jenny has been teaching yoga since 1978.
Sounding the Heart Yoga takes place in a quiet meditative space which is encircled by pine trees. Apart from the sound of the instructor’s voice, the birds, the toning of a specific chakra, silence prevails. The focus is inside one’s own body. The eyes are closed in order to aid concentration and to avoid competition both with oneself and others or specifically focused on a point (dristi). Time is left at the end of the lesson for sharing, questions and clarification. Each asana, or posture, is held, and during this holding the student learns to relax and let go within the structure of the pose. Breathing plays an important part in this process. Sound vibration may be used to further deepen the process. The results are a greater awareness of the body, a very deep stretching and clarity of the mind. The classes include deep relaxation and breathing exercises. The class ends with a 30 minute meditation. Classes are small groups of up to seven persons giving plenty opportunity for very specific personal guidance.