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Spanish YOGA. Learn Yoga terms in Spanish. Invite Spanish world to class!

On this 8-day YOGA IN SPANISH retreat, a combination of walking in nature and twice-daily Yoga in Spanish classes on the mat, we'll introduce you to a whole new vocabulary of the Spanish language to bring back to your classroom. Invite your Spanish speaking neighbors to your classroom!!!
October 16-23 / Asturias, SPAIN


25 Faedo, Barzana de Quiros Asturias, ES 33117

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Oct 16 to
Oct 23
16:15 pmto16:15 pm

Practice yoga in SPANISH on this fun, new approach to language learning. Twice daily yoga classes + hiking in nature will give you a new vocabulary to bring home to your yoga classes. LEARN SPANISH!


1,200 €

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Come explore and restore with Penélope García of Asturias, Spain. Spanish Steps of Aspen, Colorado has teamed up with "Peny" to bring you a weeklong retreat of YOGA & HIKING conducted in the Spanish language.

Every day, we'll take you on a journey of the body and soul by introducing you to a specific vocabulary that applies to movement and action (up, down, hands together, gaze, twist, etc.) along with different parts of the body that you won't learn in a standard textbook (sits-bones).

Repetition coupled with movement and focus will make this a mind-opening experience where you'll learn by action. Yes, there will be the visual aid of paper hand-outs, but action incorporated with vocabulary is how we plan to help you on your very own language learning journey.

Hiking - Between the morning and the afternoon yoga sessions, we'll take our language learning classroom into the forest. We're blessed to have such natural beauty and a spectacular landscape right in our very own backyard therefore by stepping outside with the intention of learning, we'll "walk & talk" our way into a new language experience.

Spanish Steps has been leading walking holidays for 25 years in Spain, France, and Italy. They've created Fuentes de Lucia Retreat Center in order to bring the importance of walking together with the benefits of yoga. Fuentes de Lucia is located in a national park surrounded by tall mountain peaks and lush river valleys.

We'll walk between 3-5 hours per day.

Daily Routine:
7:30 Tea
7:30 Join Peny on the mat
8:30 Breakfast ... en Español
9:15 Depart FDL for the daily hike
2:00 comer!
5:00 Return to the retreat center
7:00 Yoga with Peny
8:30 Dinner
10:00 Silence - A la cama!
We look forward to welcoming you at Fuentes de Lucía in the beautiful Quirós Valley of Spain.

(Sorry, but this is not on our website. Send me a request through my email: info (at) spanishsteps (dot) com