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Spirit of INDIA - Pilgrimage/Retreat

The Spirit of India Yoga retreat & Pilgrimage is for you the yoga student, the yoga teacher or simply you who is fascinated by India, the birthplace of Yoga.


Omkarananda, Dipeswar Mandir, Rishikesh Uttrakhand, IN 249302

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  • Retreat

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Apr 3 to
Apr 18
03:00 amto05:00 am

NAMASTE and a warm welcome to Rishikesh!

The heart of spiritual as the locals call it "Devbhoomi" - Land of the Gods.

The Spirit of India Yoga retreat & Pilgrimage is for you the yoga student, the yoga teacher or simply you who is fascinated by India, the birthplace of Yoga.

In these two weeks we will surrender into the heart of Yoga and fill ourselves with warm sunshine, healthy food, deep yoga practice, pranayama, meditation, mantras and ayurvedic treatments. We will experience life in an ashram and visit amazing sacred spots empowered and blessed by the ancient Rishis through their deep penance and practice.

Halfway into our stay we will move further up from Rishikesh, following the sacred river Ganga and pitch camp on a golden, sandy beach where we will continue deepening our journey by the fire through sacred song and mantra chants.

We look forward to making this retreat not only a sojourn deep into the heart of spiritual India but also a journey of awakening and transformation into the depths of our own hearts and consciousness. And we look forward to having you with us in body, mind and spirit!

Satya & Tina


1,600 €

Includes yoga classes, mantra, philosophy, one Ayurvedic treatment, all accommodation and most meals (except arrival and departure day). Visa costs and transport from and to airport as well as airfare not included.

Full Description

Detailed schedule:

3 April – Transport Delhi-Rishkesh (ca 5 hrs) settling in at Ashram

4 April – Tour of the Ashram, introduction, philosophy talk, evening yoga

5 -12 April
Ashram routine: As we settle into ashram life, we start our mornings with a gentle asana practice, followed by pranayama and meditation. After breakfast we assemble to deepen our understanding of yoga philosophy and the basic tenets of Indian spiritual science. Our days will be interspersed with meetings with some wonderful teachers including Swamijis from the ashram and Surinder Singh, one of the most respected and loved Yoga teachers in the world today. Surinder’s way of teaching is gentle and loving while being firmly rooted in a strong foundation of Hatha Yoga.

During our daily explorations by the banks of the sacred Ganga, we will explore the temples in the area. Most of these temples are built on strong transcendental planes of spiritual vibration and they carry with them endearing tales from the Puranas and the Vedas… insights that will deepen our understanding of grassroot India.
No stay in an ashram is complete without Sanskrit classes and the daily Pujas (ritual worship and singing Bhajans). The ancient language of Sanskrit is also called shruti (sound revelation) as it said to have been revealed to the ancient rishis and seers in the deepest of meditations. Sanskrit holds the power to unlock blockages at a cellular level through powerful and universal vibrations. A few rudimentary lessons in Sanskrit can go a long way in helping us understand and pronounce mantras during our singing circles.

We will also have access to some wonderful Ayurvedic treatments. Along with the one free treatment that is included in your package, your are welcome to go for private consultations with Ayurvedic doctors to get a clear reading of your Prakriti and guidance on personalized diet and medicine if required. Ayurveda translate as the science of long life, and it truly is so.

And of course, Karma Yoga or sevam. Sevam simply translates as selfless service, one of the pillars of Indian spiritual tradition along with Danam – selfless giving. While Karma Yoga is a way of life and not something limited to a few days in an ashram, the ashram is a good place to start. We will be assigned small jobs for an hour a day in service of the ashram and numerous people the ashram hosts over time. This attitude of selfless service humbles us, like the apple tree that bends over because it is abundant with apples.

13-16 April
During this time we will move up about 50 km with the sacred Ganga on our right and settle down in a campsite (which is normally used by white water rafters). We will live in comfortable tents with real beds and real food!
The sandy white beaches and the emerald waters of the Ganga in the pleasant April temperatures are a treat for all our senses. Daily yoga, meditations, nature walks and songs/mantras by the sacred fire will be our life during those two days.

The 16th might be a challenging day for some, as we will be in mouna, or silence. This will be a day for introspection, self inquiry and assimilation of all the teachings and experiences that we would have accumulated in our journey. One cannot emphasize the importance of this practice enough. Mouna helps calm the mind and develop inner listening, thereby bringing us closer to our highest Self.

17-18 April
We’ll be back in Rishikesh by the 17th morning and check into a hotel. This would be a good day to do some last minute shopping or visits locally. During the afternoon we will do a trip to nearby Haridwar (the doorway to the land of the gods). Haridwar is a pilgrimage centre for millions of Indians during the famous Kumbha Mela and a dip in the river in Haridwar is considered very very auspicious. Haridwar is also host to a beautiful evening arti (worship with fire lamps) and the sight of thousands of small lamps on leaf boats sailing down the Ganga is something that stays forever imprinted in the heart.
We will come back to Rishikesh for our farewell dinner and a good night’s rest.

The 18th is our last and final day in the Spirit of India pilgrimage and retreat. After our morning meditation, we will gather in a sharing circle to share and reflect on our individual journeys. After which we say our goodbyes and officially close the journey.
Accommodation: Hotel Rishikesh
Farewell Dinner

18 April: Departure for Delhi