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Spiritual Healing and Yoga Retreat

The event combines Yoga and an Energy workshop, Sekhem All Love. You can also choose to participate only in Yoga or just the energy workshop. For Yoga only participants we have created a program for the day times including ZIP Line, Waterfall, Beach, Horseback riding, surfig or SUP.


El Sabanero Eco Lodge
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Cañafistula, Tamarindo CR 50309
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  • Retreat

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Dec 15 to
Dec 19
18:30 pmto09:30 am



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What is the main target in an All
Love workshop?
To help people establish this reconnection
by supporting them to find
what it is that is withholding them from
that (re)connection to Source. To help
them find why they are not happy, why
they can't express how they really feel,
why they are not allowing themselves to be loved, and sometimes why they are not able to give
In the class we try to help them opening up for every possibility that is there for them, and help
them realize that they have a choice in this.
The workshop is created to give a safe space and place where people can experience and explore
their deepest feelings.
Most of us have not learnt to express our feelings when it is necessary, and in the course of our lives have been repressing what we really felt because of that.
This may cause feelings of fear, doubting, false judgement, insecurities, hate, self hate and even
may cause an illness. It will influence the choices that you make.
When we create energy as a thought or an emotion, may it be anger or love, or another energy, it needs to be expressed in one way or another.
The daily schedule for the retreat on Dec. 15th 2016 are as follows:
7am - 8am Yoga class with Amit Shauli
9 am breakfast
10am - 12am Sekhem-All Love workshop with Michael Heemskerk
1pm - lunch and relax
3pm - 5pm Sekhem-All Love workshop with Michael Heemskerk
6pm - 7pm Yoga with Amit Shauli/Tasha Shauli
7.30pm dinner