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Spring Yoga & Qigong: The Green Dragon

Spring Yoga & Qigong: The Green Dragon



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Unit 9, London GB SW8 2LE
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May 9
15:00 pmto17:00 pm



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Daoists believe that when the world began, there was only the Dao, a featureless, empty void pregnant with the potential of all things. The Dao generated patterns of energy, called qi. Qi eventually developed two complementary aspects: yin, which is dark, heavy, and feminine, and yang, which is light, airy, and masculine. Yin energy sank to form the earth, yang energy rose to form the heavens, and both energies harmonised to form human beings. Consequently, the human body holds within it the energies of both the earth and the heavens, making it a microcosm of the world.

The primary symbols of yin and yang in ancient China were the White Tiger and Green Dragon, also symbols of Autumn and Spring.

In this, the second of four seasonal workshops led by Wilmien Bos, we will explore the Green Dragon through a combination of yoga sequences and qigong. So that students can maintain the benefits derived for the workshop, instructions and guidelines for home practice for the duration of the season will be given.