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Still Flowing Yoga Teacher Training

Still Flowing Yoga TT is a Somatic Approach to the ancient teachings of Yoga & Meditation, skillfully leading students through dynamism to awakened stillness by weaving together and integrating somatic flowing Yoga, Yin & Scaravelli Yoga, Buddhist Meditation (Insight (Vipassana)/Mindfulness/Metta), Asana Technique and Enquiry, Teaching Methodology, Yoga & Buddhist Philosophy, and Applied Yoga Anatomy & Physiology, preparing our students to teach Yoga from the heart with integrity.


Cala Salada, Ibiza San Antonio, ES 07800

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  • Teacher Training

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May 2 to
May 30
09:30 amto05:30 am



Full Residential Training from £2200 for the month

Full Description

Employs elements of Vinyasa, Scaravelli, Iyengar, Sivananda and Yin. It is an integrated, fusion, free form style that honors the vital balance of fluidity and stillness within an internal container of deep core integration and within a more global container of mindful awareness.

Still Flowing is a fusion and therapeutic approach, drawing heavily on the essence of Vinyasa Yoga (foundation, core/bandhas, breath, breath synchronised movement, progressive sequencing, natural flow and timing) and then integrating Scaravelli for unwinding and deep awakening of the spine, Yin for cultivating sensation and parasympathetic arousal, Iyengar for technical and progressive construction, and Restorative for renewal, regeneration and surrender.

Still Flowing integrates both constructive and deconstructive elements within it. Its about working fluidly in order to have more creative means by which to get into our bodies in order to encourage internal balance. The yoga postures support the wider practice of embodiment and are employed therapeutically in order to bring us more intimately into a somatic experience of the body.

Asana is a tool we use in order to embody more deeply, in order to feel more deeply, in order to have more options or more templates within which to enquire.

The thread that unites all the practices however diverse in their appearance, is the somatic focus. Thomas Hanna defined Somatics as “…the field of study dealing with somatic phenomena, , the human being as experienced by himself (or herself) from the inside.” He defined soma as the body experienced from within.

NB. Our approach is non – performance based, and as yoga teacher trainers we aim to facilitate a programme where students cultivate a deep understanding of simplicity and foundational asana rather than an immediately gratifying experience of “advanced” asana which can result, particularly over time, not only in physical injury but also in dysregulation of the nervous system.

The programme encourages students to be dilligent, engaged, and enquiring to benefit most from this programme, this highlights the fact that learning prescriptive routines and flows by heart will not form part of the teaching methodology.

If you want to learn organically and intuitively with an emphasis on the resolution of suffering from the inside out, through the practices of Yoga and Mindfulness – this programme is for you.