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Study and Practice Course - Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga - First Module in 2015

Within this module or the whole year you will be encouraged to look deeply into your asana practice (postures) and beyond.
You will gain an overall understanding of the science of yoga, and how to apply it to your day-to-day life.
Your ability to concentrate and your observational skills and sensitivity will be greatly heightened.
If you can demonstrate continuous effort, openness, and enthusiasm this will be a life changing experience.


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Feb 1 to
Mar 22
03:45 amto05:45 am

Sundays 10.45am-12.45pm - First Module in 2015 consisting of 12 weeks.
This is a One-Year Study and Practice Course, which can be attended module by module. It contains 3 modules per year. The dates indicated are for the first module of 2015.



This includes the Sunday theory classes on the dates and times indicated above, as well as a practice together with other apprentices and the teacher on Saturday mornings. This morning practice involves a combination of asanas, pranayama, meditation, and chanting of the Yoga Sutras.
There is a DISCOUNT if you commit to the whole year.

Full Description

This course is a prerequisite for North Sydney Yoga's teacher training.

You will have the opportunity to profoundly understand and experience how yoga can bring the sense of not only continuous physical and emotional well-being into your life; but also provide internal stability, clarity and steadfastness in an ever-changing, and challenging external environment.


Weekly 2-hour classes per module; the one-year training consists of 3 modules of 12 weeks each.


Weekly practice together with the other apprentices and teacher
Chanting of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and some discussion
Asana (postures) discussion in great detail; their execution, alignment, benefits, and possible amendments for special needs; adjustments
What are Vinyasa, Ujjayi breath, bandhas, dristis?
Why and how does this system work so powerfully?
Practice of Pranayama (breath control) and meditation
Discussion of the eight limbs of yoga (Astanga) with the focus on the first four limbs; this will include deep inquiry into your own behavioural patterns, self-reflection and processing.
Yoga physiology
History and philosophy of yoga

A genuine interest and deep inquiry into yoga in general and your own practice and understanding of it
A willingness to undertake considerable self-enquiry
Minimum of 3 months of consistent/regular yoga practice (12 months if you wish to continue with the teacher training year 2 & 3)
Although not compulsory for the One-Year Study & Practice Course only, it is recommended to aim at practicing asanas four times each week, to be able to fully process the content of your study. Ideally practice should be done in Angelika's classes as well as an occasional self-practice.
Openness to communicate and work in a group and with Angelika, your teacher
Weekly practice together with the teacher and other apprentices, to practice what has been learned
You need to have the time and mental space not only to do your weekly homework and some assignments, but also for self-reflection and processing. This aspect should not be underestimated.
Homework is compulsory for everyone; assignments and exams recommended for everyone, but compulsory if you are considering continuing with the three year training.

4x2hr practice
1x2hr class
10 hours total

Homework estimate of 1hr/wk
Additional time for assignments and preparation for exams

Total first year: 450 hours
Includes theory classes, asana practice, and 2 workshops (Ashtanga one week workshop and Sutra lectures)

Time of weekly theory class: Sundays 10.45-12.45pm
Time of weekly practice together with the teacher and other apprentices: Saturdays 5.30-7.45am

Cost for the whole year: $2,300 incl GST

Cost per module: $800 incl GST
NOTE: You have the possibility of attending this course on a module to module basis. Any missed module can be picked up at a later stage. Any amount of your time spent in participating in this training will help you to 'Deepen the Experience'.

COST: Includes all weekly meetings for the year, one weekly class where you practice together with teacher and other apprentices; as well as additional contact time with your teacher for further enquiry and sharing when needed.

All other classes you will be attending need to be covered extra. Additional courses like the Sutra studies and one-week workshops with guest teachers are also NOT included in the course cost.

Visit our website to download the questionnaire to enroll

This course shall provide a balance of challenge, mixed with fun, support, love, and understanding for yourself and each other. The learning outcome very much depends on your input and willingness to experiment, inquire, and ...practice!

Looking forward to walking this journey with you

Om Shanti

The study and practice components of the "Deepening the Experience" course have allowed me to experience a depth of knowledge about the practice and philosophy of yoga that I could not have imagined when embarking on the course. The guidance, experience and expertise of Angelika, the North Sydney Yoga teachers and the more advanced students have supported me in beginning to put knowledge into practice and to explore the wonderful world of Asthanga Yoga. It has become my touchstone …. Thank you.

--- Ashley

Angelika successfully balances deepening the physical practice with some study of the philosophy behind Yoga. She created a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere to study in, and her nurturing, patient and generous teaching style inspired me to practice in a more dedicated and mindful way. This really is the beginning of a journey of self discovery and I would advise anyone interested in deepening their own practice to sign up for the course. It’s challenging but so rewarding. My practice has never been the same.

--- Alex

The year I have spent in the Study & Practice course has been one of the most fulfilling and interesting experiences of study and self exploration I have had. I've thoroughly enjoyed the chance to dive into different aspects of the large body of yoga philosophy, as well as take my personal practice of yoga to a deeper and more consistent level. The mind is a curious place and it's connection with the body is an amazing mystery. This course is a great place to find out more about this connection. While practicing Ashtanga yoga is an amazing experience in itself, the opportunity to study it more thoroughly with the guidance of a great teacher is a gift. Angelika is a master of her craft, and her passion and knowledge for her art is evident. I'm very grateful to have stepped into this journey with her guidance.

--- Sandra

I had just finished NSY's Beginner 1 and 2 courses when I contemplated doing this 1 Year Study Course. Very new to yoga (of any form) all I understood was that it was exercise. A year later, yoga to me is a beautiful and complete form of exercise, and also much, much more. It has revealed to me a practice which encourages self-reflection, healing and spirituality based on ancient traditions. It has also started to cultivate a personal discipline in my physical yoga practice and peaked an interest for me to continually explore, which is having a positive flow-on effect to other parts of my life. Angelika is a gentle and passionate teacher, whose commitment to the complete practice of yoga is inspiring and encouraging.

--- Yuen-Yuen