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Summer Solstice: 108 Sun Salutations

Join us Saturday, June 17th 7:30am, as Danielle Dinan leads us together through 108 Sun Salutations in honor of the Summer Solstice.


995 Westwood Sq, Oviedo FL, US 32765

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Jun 17
07:30 amto09:00 am



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The summer solstice (Wed., June 21st) marks the onset of summer, at the time of the longest day. It is often considered a time for new beginnings as we move from the darkness of winter to the light
of summer. The Completion of a yoga mala practice of 108 Sun Salutations is often in conjunction with special occasions and seasonal changes, such as the summer solstice. It is an opportunity to mark the passing of time and to honor the gift of life and energy we receive from each new day. As a community, we come together to be grateful for love and light!

What are Sun Salutations?
* Traditional Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskara), are a sequence of postures repeated 108 times. It is perhaps one of the most ancient and defined practices of a moving meditation. It is a way to welcome dawn, new intentions, and new life, every single day. It is a way to realize that feelings are fleeting, repetition is a way to liberation from the conversations of mind, and when you are not attached to the results the process of living in the moment becomes a lot easier.

The practice of completing 108 Sun Salutations is an act of reverence, honor and commitment. Join us!

The practice of joining together as a community to engage in yoga, mindfulness and a collective purpose of energy is immensely powerful.

You ask, “Why 108?”
The number and practice of the postures have special cultural importance that transcends a typical yoga experience.
The number 108and its divisions (54, 36, 12, and 9) have significant historical, spiritual, scientific and symbolic meanings in many cultures around the world. Although open for interpretation, 108 has long been considered an auspicious and sacred number for Hinduism and yoga. Mathematicians of the ancient Indian Vedic culture viewed the number 108 as the wholeness of existence, and according to yogic tradition, there are 108 Pithas, or sacred sites in India, and 108 marma points, or sacred places on the body. The number also relates to our solar system: The average distance of the sun and moon to the earth is 108/ times their respective diameters; there are 12 astrological signs and 9 planets. Furthermore, mala garlands (prayer beads much like the catholic rosary) used for meditation and counting mantras, are a string of 108 beads plus one “Guru bead” around which the other beads circulate like planets around the sun.

Within each cycle of sun salutations, consisting of 12 yoga poses, one can harness the power and the energy of the sun. The sun salutations themselves can serve as a complete practice; the poses help lengthen, strengthen, flex and extend many of the main muscles of the body while also increasing cardiovascular strength and stimulating the chakra energy center. The repetitive nature of sun salutations allows one to achieve focus in their practice and experience the meditative quality of the series. The rhythmic flow of breath and movement calms the mind and distributes the prana life force throughout the body.

The Format
Remember, just as in all classes, modifications are always good! Even in 108 Sun Salutations. We will offer alternatives so the practice is accessible to all. Even in a group endeavor we can be who we are, individuals, personal practice in a public space. In this event, we will flow through 6 rounds of 18 sun salutations with water breaks between each round. After the 3rd round, we will take a longer break for your needs.

Tips For A Successful Practice
Practicing 108 sun salutations takes endure, commitment and focus. If this sounds a bit intimidating, know that you are not alone! As you endeavor to complete the practice, here are a few tips to keep you focused and engaged.
-As previously stated, we will break up the practice into smaller more achievable numbers: 6 cycles of 18 salutations with breaks
-Focus each round of 18 on a different intention or purpose, For example, concentrate on a physical focus of hands and feet placement, core engagement, shoulders, etc. Then, choose a mental focus like peace, strength, clarity, etc.
-Stay in tune with your body. Go at your own pace! Take breaks and water as you need! And, remember, Child’s pose is ALWAYS available!
-Breathe! Connection to your breath and movement is the most important part of the practice.
-Have FUN! The yoga mala is an ACHIEVEMENT YOU CAN BE PROUD OF! Let’s join together. Let’s do this. TOGETHER!

One last word, even though you can modify yoga poses, it is best to wait until you are fully recovered from any wrist and/or shoulder injuries before doing 108 sun salutations.

Please bring plenty of water, your mat, an open mind and focus!
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