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Summer Yoga Retreat

Our traditional summer opening yoga retreat is all about empowering body and soul.


566 Route de Tourrettes, Tourrettes FR 08440
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  • Retreat

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May 27 to
May 31
18:45 pmto12:45 pm

Arrival can be between 14 hrs and 18 hrs, just before the first class for the retreat.



Price Includes classes, lodging and all meals.
You can pay 690 for double occupancy and 830 for single occupancy.

Full Description

Enjoy 5 days of yoga in the beautiful French Provence.

The retreat is oriented to having a full connection with the body while exploring a wide range of asanas.

From twists to balancing postures, discover an empowering intention for each class.


18:30 Mastering the memory through the power of vinyasa / By placing in the correct order, match the yoga
sequence to the coordination of your memory while activating deeply the muscles of the body.

Here's the program:


7:15 Unwinding benefits and differences for similar asanas / Ever wondered which is the difference between
the bow and the bridge; the cobra and the upward dog; all of the warriors ? We will break them down step by step
for you, so there’s no doubt about how to work correctly with this powerful asanas.

18:30 Introduction to the KLESHAS / During the retreat we will be working closely with some of the kleshas
(causes of suffering) and specifically on wednesday we’ll pay attention to ASMITA (EGO) and AVIDYA
(IGNORANCE). Wonder how to reduce it’s negative effect in daily life ? Let yoga and awareness do it’s job
in this beautiful practice.


7:15 Back body empowerment through leg and back extensions / Cause the physical part is equally important,
discover how strong the WEST (backside) of your body is with this morning flow sequence while defying gravity.

18:30 Working with RAGA (ATTACHMENT) / Cause we come into the world without anything and we leave
it the same way, develop the force of detachment from any kind of spiritual and material possessions. Yoga and
mindfulness will help along the way.


7:15 The boundaries of the body / Because all of us have different bodies, learn to adapt the physical conditions of
your body in a wide range of poses that include, forward bends, inversions, twists and balancing poses.

18:30 Loosing RABHINIVESHA (fear of death) / There is an inevitable ending to life, but not because of it, we should
stop enjoying the splendour of it. As one of the KLESHAS, being afraid of the unknown, can be liberated with yoga
intentions. Let’s give it a try together!

SUNDAY MAY 31 (Open day)

7:30 Connected to the KOSHAS / The koshas are the layers of the human being according to vedantic philosophy.
During a two hour practice, we’ll explore this sheaths. From the outermost all the way into the bliss of the soul, there
are different poses that will allow you to reinforce where you think you need it the most.

Go as deep as you want to in your practice, while sharing the experience with other yogis from all over the world.