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Surya Namaskar workshop

Surya means sun and namaskar means to bow.
Learn the 12 basic, yet essential Hatha postures to complete a daily Surya Namaskar or sun salutation for your own home practice. Strengthening your body, mind and soul!


PSA NEY, Siem Reap KH 12000

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  • Workshop

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Apr 5
14:30 pmto16:30 pm

Are you ready?
When: Next FRIDAY APRIL 5th 14.30-16.30
Where: HERE Blue Indigo Yoga retreat cambodia
With who: our teacher Fi Lawrence



Full Description

Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskar in Hatha Yoga is a sequence of 12 postures performed in synchronization with the breathing and it is used to warm up the body for a Hatha yoga practice.
This two hour workshop will equip you with a deeper understanding of this time-proven sequence by teaching the fundamental techniques to give you the confidence to perform your own daily practice.
This can take only fifteen minutes a day, giving you physical, mental and spiritual strengthening to help you function better for the entire day ahead.

"Surya Namaskar is nothing less than the embodiment of the Gayatri mantra, a sacred prayer to the sun. "As we sweep our arms up and bow forward, we honor the earth, the heavens, and all of life in between that is nourished by the breath cycle," "As we lower our bodies, we connect with the earth. As we rise up from the earth, we stretch through the atmosphere once more, reaching for the sky. As we bring our hands together in Namaste, we gather the space of the heavens back into our heart and breath, acknowledging that our body forms the center point between heaven and earth."

Key Chapple, Professor of Indic and Yoga Studies at Loyola Marymount University USA, Yoga Journal