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Surya Namaskara – Set your practice on FIRE!

This workshop will focus on full embodiment of the asanas that make up surya namaskara - sun salutations!


Flow Yoga Center, 14th Street
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1508 14th St NW, Washington DC, US 20005

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May 21
14:00 pmto16:00 pm

May 21, 2016 from 2 - 4 pm




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Many vinyasa yoga classes include some form of this energizing flow – surya namaskara, the sun salutation. It gets us moving, wakes up the body, taps your life force, begins to focus the mind, and maybe even works up a bit of a sweat. Packed inside are the positions that make up a well rounded asana practice. Let’s take some time to break it down, explore the movements, the breath, the foundation, the alignment and ensure we’re making the most of our time on the mat!

In the workshop we’ll start with a bit of discussion about the importance of this sequence, why it’s called a sun salutation, and how it can deepen our sadhana (spiritual practice), then move through a few varieties to get warmed up. We’ll shift gears a bit to explore each asana within the sequence and then once again put it all together to assess the benefits gained through our investigation.