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Svadisthana - Sacral Chakra Yoga Class

Join us for a transformational, intregrative yoga class to awaken and fully embody the second chakra; svadisthana or sacral chakra.
We will be moving with and like the water element, ride the wave with our spine, awaken to our fluid nature, explore and expand our flexibility through circular motions and release emotional blocks through deep, long hip openers. Eventually, we will be carried into stillness by the oceanic breath; ujjayi


59 Columbia Road, London GB E2 7RG
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Apr 7
12:45 pmto12:45 pm

Monday, 7th April, 19.45-21.00



Class passes also available (six for the price of five)

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The chakras are described as the energetic portals of life force, the 'wheels of energy' in the human body. The seven main chakras are located on a vertical axis, along the spine. Each of them corresponds to a specific colours, sound, symbol, as well as to particular areas and organs of the human body and aspects of life experience. Unleashing their immense potential, through the practice of yoga, brings about a state of balance and radiant health on all levels.

Chakra Yoga brings together a wide range of both classical and contemporary practices, to create a well-rounded transformative experience. These include chakra-specific sun salutations, longer-held yoga asanas with concentration on the chakras, pranayama (breathing), mantras, mudras (hand gestures), bandhas (body locks), meditation and visualization, relaxation, bioenergetics, mindfulness, archetypes, and more…

This week we will be focusing on the second chakra, the svadisthana or sacral chakra, the centre of our emotions, sensuality, desire and the unconscious, related to the water element.

We will be awakening the pelvis and sacrum through circular, undulating movements, which will then lead us into several rounds of jala namaskars; salutations to the water, emphasizing hip and groin opening. Longer-held asanas that stimulate the sacral chakra will follow, as we engage and cultivate ujjayi pranayama, the oceanic breath, to take us deeper. We will close in deep relaxation with a visualisation on the sacred waters of our