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A Series of Live Talks on Unique Insights into Yoga Philosophy


Dec 12
10:00 amto10:00 am



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In these talks I touch upon the wisdom that lie at the heart of both theory and practice of yogic science to reveal the side of Yoga that often exists on the fringe of classrooms. The understanding travels deeply into the byways of your thinking adding fulfilling richness to your life. You will also discover the fundamental principle of existence and learn how to integrate that in your practice for perfect alignment not only in your Yoga postures but overall daily life too.

These talks can help you deepen your experience by infusing philosophy into yoga practice as you learn the true origins and meaning of Yoga. The knowledge presented in these talks will allow you to acknowledge and appreciate the resonant ideas of ancient wisdom and modern science. I’m sure the experience will deepen your understanding and bring clarity and balance in your life.

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