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Take A Stand In Your Yoga Practice

Your body reflects the strength and flexibility of your feet. Happy, stable, & mobile feet result in a happy, stable, & mobile body. Learn yoga poses that strengthen & stretch the muscles, joints, & connective tissue of the feet & ankles. Love your feet & your body will love you.


Apr 27
06:00 amto08:00 am



Full Description

This important workshop will cover:

• Anatomy of the foot, ankle, and leg emphasizing the major muscles that cross the ankle joint, how to strengthen them for increased balance and stability, and to prevent injury.

• How the health of your feet affects your breathing.

• Awareness of foot alignment and muscle tone in all yoga poses, especially during standing poses when the feet are not only the foundation of the pose, but also the connection to the earth grounding us energetically. How to create proper foot alignment, grounding for stability, and to prevent injury.

• Common ankle and foot problems including ligament sprains, fallen arches, plantar fasciitis and bunions, and how yoga postures and exercises can help reverse the condition or alleviate pain.

Our feet are the foundation of our entire body. When are feet are not healthy neither is the rest of our body. A firm foundation allows you to build a better posture and enable anything you do in life with greater ease.