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Tantra Massage and Yoga Retreat in Bali

The three levels of tantra are the foundation of this retreat, going deeper each day as to what and how we use energy in ourselves to move into intimate spaces.

You will learn how to purify and sublimate your own energy for sexual continence as well as develop the ability to connect on higher levels than speech or regular massage.


Jalan Sok Wayah Abangan, Ubud Bali, ID 80571

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  • Retreat

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Apr 24 to
May 1
17:00 pmto12:00 pm

8 days of tantric massage and tantric yoga in Bali is already intriguing, especially at Dragonfly Village with a steam sauna and watsu pools in the rice fields so you can relax after a day's worth or body and energy discovery!

7:15-8pm each day. Includes your luxury accommodation in eco- bungalows, vegetarian meals and tantra instruction.



$1450 after March 31st

Full Description

Tantric Massage and Tantric Yoga Training
April 24-May 1, 2006
8 days of yoga in Bali is already intriguing, especially at this beautiful location with a steam sauna and watsu pools in the rice fields.
More than just an average retreat, however, we will be teaching tantric massage supported with meditation and tantric practice.
Bring your partner or come solo - this retreat is for everyone wanting to learn how yoga and tantra work in simultaneously to bring bliss into the heart and go deeper into authentic communion with the divine.
We aim for equal men and women in this retreat, so if you are single, please know that there will be a process to submit to us upon registration so we can align the sexes appropriately.
Description (short)
While mediation and yoga hold the outline to this retreat, the deeper, possibly more arousing element is that we will be giving attention to the ancient practices, rituals and techniques of tantra.
The three levels of tantra are the foundation of this retreat, going deeper each day as to what and how we use energy to move into intimate spaces.
You will learn how to purify and sublimate your energy for energy control and the development of the ability to move and surrender in each moment.
You will learn technique, but you will also learn the art of intuiting into the needs of the person you are giving to; when to act and when to allow. The process of subliming lower sexual energies upwards is a rewarding focus, reminding us of our connection to source.
Description (long)
In this retreat we are combining yoga and tantra, as well as specific techniques of tantra (yoni and lingam) massage. We all want more love, as well as pleasure. This retreat is developed with the intention of guiding natural movement into the moments of bliss we all cherish in our hearts and in our abundant lives.
Begin your day with meditation - we will show you how, and this doesn't mean we make you do Vipassana every morning. There are other ways to train the mind. Meditation will make your retreat more rewarding, more aware, and this is what you will need - we promise a steep learning curve and a journey that is unforgettable.
Enjoy the most excellent morning yoga practice you've ever done with the nicest group of yogis on the path going upwards, overlooking grandiose rice fields, just outside the bustle of Ubud centre.
Be treated to an amazing vegetarian brunch and dinner prepared by a world class chef.
Receive authentic training into the world of tantra, influenced by the teachings of Mantak Chia, Osho and Agama styles. Learn how tantra only exists when it coincides with meditation and yoga. Learn how to give tantric massage - yoni and lingam massage are included. There will be some nudity in the course as part of learning this incredible healing massage technique.
The massage element of the retreat includes:
-teachings of pressure points to induce sexual opening
-appropriate timing of the massage on the body for both men and women
-communication techniques which can make the difference in the trust level and overall experience for the receiver
-multi-orgasmic response induction
-chi nei tsang (abdominal work) and karsai nei tsang (genital) massage training
-ways to move energy into the higher centres of the body while performing techniques in tantric massage
-how to move a woman from clitoral orgasm to deeper centres of pleasure, cervical and g-spot stimulation
-how to massage a man's lingham in a relaxed manner, so that sexual performance is enhanced
You will completely immerse yourself in yoga and meditation, as well as tantra outside of external influences with a focus on the ability to come back to yourself. You will be either introduced or deepen your spiritual practice in an intensive setting, working on the power of manifestation and acting from the place of the heart. The schedule includes 6 days of instruction and 1 day of rest.
Become a master of your emotions, your ability to communicate and your life, so that each experience you have in your life becomes more refined, kind of life you want to continue.
Each step of this retreat is meant to take you deeper into your true self - the one that is there when no one is is meant to uncover truths that may need to be revealed in order to become more open to the opportunities, including the sensual pleasures in
Daily schedule:
7:15 instructed meditation
8:30 yoga practice
11am brunch
12:30 tantric teaching and tantric massage training (bring your sarong and oil)
4pm yoga, chi gong, or tantric massage session
6:30 dinner
8:00 evening activity, tantric lounge, sauna or on your own/out of classroom practice
Arrival excursion to Tirta Empul - the holy spring
We will travel together to Tirta Empul, to purify and pray for success in all elements of human life. Accompanied by a Balinese guide, you will gather insight into the culture of these artistic, happy and generous people.

Gourmet vegetarian meals are included in this retreat.