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Tantra Retreat with Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage and Tantra Massage Trai

Seeking a retreat with a purpose and education that can change your life? The Abdominal and Tantric massage and meditative techniques presented in this retreat are truly healing, unique, and needed by the Western world. You can experience them in Koh Phagnan, Thailand, July 5-10.

Chi Nei Tsang = system of tantric belly massage taught by Satyama


Jun 28 to
Jul 10
18:00 pmto13:00 pm

7:30 active meditation
8:45 tantric and hatha yoga
11:00 brunch and break
2:00 massage training
6:00 dinner
8:00 evening event all together



Full Description

Chi Nei Tsang is a profound system of belly massage that focuses on the health and ability to re-set and heal the internal organs and our system. An ancient form of natural healing, Chi Nei Tsang has been made more popular by tantric Grand Master Mantak Chia of Tao Gardens in Thailand, and is rising in popularity to heal disease caused by suppression of negative emotions, trauma, poor eating habits, sexual repression and toxic environments.

Tantra Massage is necessary and healing in a world of suppressed emotions and suppressed sexuality due to our conditioning and wounds around our sexuality. We feel into the group and go slowly into a safe space where we work on communication in the tantric massage, as it focuses on both sensual and sexual pressure points on the whole body, slowing down our movements and becoming more aware of what our client or partner is feeling. We lead you along the process of knowing how to go about doing an actual yoni or lingham massage, meant for either healing or pleasure purposes, depending on the person’s readiness and openness for change in this sacred area of life. The work is both external and internal.

Learn how to hold space for sacred touch and how to prepare a ritual for protected interaction between giver and receiver
Know tila touch points, and how to remove certain blocks in the body, common in men and women
Learn A, G and K spot inductions on women, as well as Karsai Nei Tsang on men, ridding the genitals of sediment and blocked sexual energy

While the massage is the actual educational element of this retreat, we will delve into emotional release meditations, Taoist cultivation, circulation and purification of energy, tantric yoga for your own upward movement into action from the heart, and specific and at times challenging humanitarian work with the group that will reveal and deepen transparency in the group so that trust remains through all of our activities.

This retreat, while going deep, also has elements of extreme fun and pleasure, get ready for dancing and playing through processes. By the end of the 5 days, you may feel more balanced in terms of your yin or your yang. You may even feel like a fully transformed individual (or couple on a new path.)

This 5-day retreat is hosted by Open to Bliss Retreats, facilitated by Satyama Ratna Lasby. Massage training times are in the afternoons each day while morning practices of active meditations and yoga work toward keeping you centred each day.

Upon completion of this course, nestled within a retreat setting you will absolutely enjoy, you will be certified in Chi Nei Tsang (Level 1) as well as introductory tantric practices and massage. The training is open to everyone, singles and couples. We embrace your shadow sides and celebrate your strengths!

Highlights: Your days are full. Surprises in the work of the retreat are abundant. There will be some nudity in the course but no penetration when we are in the classroom. Mornings are practices for YOU. Afternoons are about life-transforming massage and evenings evolving through work and play with ritual, meditative experiences and in-the-moment impulses.

Daily meditations, daily yoga, afternoon massage instruction, nature walks, ecstatic dance, kirtan, beach time and fun evening adventures are on the agenda. You will learn how to give a full Chi Nei Tsang and Karsai Nei Tsang massage in the retreat.

This retreat is also focusing on the highest forms of tantra, from external tantric massage to the third level of tantra, taking you on a journey into the self that can only prepare you for fulfillment on your Path of Love. The group will move into complete transparency through the use of a community building tool called forum, each day. Through transcendence and initiation on the tantric path, you can reach a new level of experience with tantra and in your personal life via sublimation and exposure of the shadow sides of the human being, moving into complete love. You will be full, you may be bursting at the seams in awe and at your courage to be with us. You have time to rest and recharge. You also have plenty of time to play, party, and have a play party.

Itinerary Header: This retreat is unlike any agenda you have ever seen! Learning, fun and depth abound.

Itinerary: 7am meditation (trust us, you need meditation to be able to handle what trigger may go off while in this retreat.
8:30 yoga (tantric, hatha, hatha vinyasa)
11:00 brunch
3pm massage instruction and practice, tantric experiential work and homework
6:30 dinner
8pm evening tantric lesson or practice, or group outing

Excursions: You are welcome to join several planned or spontaneous excursions on breaks

Excursions include trips to Haad Salad, Zen and Secret Beach, Thai massage outing, Ecstatic dance, special dinners

Location: Koh Phagnan, is a magical island in the south of Thailand, home to many yogis, spiritual seekers, tantrics and meditators. It is also the island of light and dark if you are into shadow work and/or going higher in your personal best practices. You are invited to take in all the island has to offer, from Full Moon rituals to Full Moon parties.

Starting at $890 USD for a shared room in the villa. Nudity by the pool permitted.