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Tantra Retreat with Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage and Tantra Massage Trai

Residential retreat on the topics of Tantra Yoga and Tantra itself! It is an intensive and extraordinary experience, unique, and made possible by its setting in the beautiful island of Koh Phangan, Thailand. You will live among the group as an experiment with a tantric community, in a luxurious private villa. Starts at 800 Euro pp.


14/18 Moo 8, Ko Pha Ngan TH

Type of Event

  • Retreat

Yoga Styles



Mar 9 to
Mar 14
18:00 pmto13:00 pm

We begin with an opening ceremony in the villa and also dinner at 6 pm at the Lotus Paradise Villa.
We start at 7:30am each day and end by 8:30pm. There is a nice pool and beach break each day.


1,250 €

Full Description

Immersion into Tantra retreats contain teachings in:
- Asana practice in Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yin Tantric awareness to increase sexual vitality
- Pranayama technique and Uddyiana Bandha
- Cultivating, circulating, and sublimating energies in yourself and ability to experience with others
- Masculine - feminine dynamics - direction and flow
- Tibetan Tantra, mudra, and full moon tantric rituals
- Conscious communication and work on transparency, trust-building, and authenticity to self, partner, community
- Cultivating the multi-orgasmic response through touch and energy control

This retreat is a 6 day retreat that will be held in Lotus Paradise Villa in Koh Phangan from March 9th to March 14th, 2019.

** Your mornings (Meditation and Tantric Yoga)
Tantric yoga is a type of yoga that employs body positions and rituals to study the universe through the human microcosm. From the Sanskrit meaning of “woven together,” Tantric yoga seeks to balance - not renounce - human desires and instincts in an attempt to reach enlightenment through practice. Tantra's rituals encourage its participants to build up Kundalini energy in the top chakras so it “spills from the top.” Sublimation practices, such as Uddiyana Bhanda are commonly used in yoga practices in order to ready the practitioner for the following:
Asanas / yoga postures specifically chosen for tantric practice
Meditation and Tantra study
Breathing exercises, sublimation
Body mudras
Physical and ritualistic cleansing and purification
Visualization and embodiment of deities – masculine and feminine
Tantra yoga originates from Hatha yoga and worships the Hindu deities that represent the dynamic and static principles of the universe: Shakti (dynamic, creative, feminine) and Shiva (static, destructive, masculine). Through the morning practice, you will continually play between these principles.

** Your afternoons (Chi Nei Tsang, Karsai Nei Tsang and Tantra massage training)

Chi Nei Tsang is a Taoist form of abdominal massage, deeply working in the internal organs of the body in order to access repressed emotions from life, leaving the receiver more free to experience life in a new way. It can be known as "Level One" of this massage, wherein both the practitionner and the receiver learn more about the intricacies of the human body, and how deeply connected our experiences and emotions are to optimal body and mind health.
The first days of the retreat teach Chi Nei Tsang so that we become comfortable with learning body manipulations, postures and holds. We will also learn Karsai Nei Tsang, Taoist genital massage, professionally, so that we can treat sediment and traumas from the perspective of hands on healing.

Taoist Tantric massage is the next step in learning the art of healing touch, which will include teachings on the healing points on the lingham and yoni (penis and vagina, respectively). You will learn how to give a full body Tantric massage, along with the Tila points on the entire body for deeper release of pain, trauma and possibly sexual inhibition. The massage is at first healing and then also pleasurable, inducing great states of possible energetic and physical orgasm for women.

In women, we teach about the G, A, and K spots, as well as yoni mapping in order to heal the traumas women hold deeply and allow more pleasure to eventually come to women in love-making. A Tantric yoni massage can heal, transform, and change the life of many women seeking to revolutionize something in their intimate life.
Tantric massage is studied and given for greater tantric love-making abilities for men who receive lingham massage. In men, you will work out sediment in the hips, groin, testicles, and lingham while sublimating the focus of ejaculatory orgasm. A lingham massage can be an extraordinary and healing experience for a man, letting him finally be in the position of receiving and even surrendering. This part of the retreat is done carefully and slowly, comfort and trust are assured.

Open to Bliss aims to match the numbers in the retreat, equal men and women so that we can work and learn from different bodies. Nudity is part of the retreat, please be ready to work with maturity and own your processes. You will feel liberated and alive through this work. Singles and couples are welcome to participate in the retreat and we work with consent and boundaries, as well as authentic communication while doing the work and also afterward so that you can learn from this practical experience. If you are in a couple, you can choose to work with other people or only with each other.

** Your evenings
Evenings are a treat. After dinner, you will perform various Tantric meditations and rituals that will delight both you and new friends. Be open, have no expectations, and let energy and resonance steal the show. These magical nights make the work during the daytime worthwhile. Learn or know how to stay in your power, and be prepared to be showered with various forms of love that can only be formed in a group such as this.