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Tantra Yoga Immersion with Todd Norian: The Path of Radical Affirmation!

4 Workshops: Journey into the depths of your being and come into balance via the five elements of nature – earth, water, fire, air and sky. Through the comprehensive system of Ashaya Yoga®, you open your heart and integrate body, mind and spirit with the empowering teachings of Tantra.


1485 Chain Bridge Rd., Suite 104, McLean VA, US 22101

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  • Workshop

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Oct 26 to
Oct 28
18:30 pmto13:00 pm

In-depth study for ALL LEVELS of students, teachers & practitioners seeking therapeutic alignment blended w/the revelatory Tantric teachings that empower you to heal and live the life of your dreams



Full Description

Freedom is your birthright. Joy is your "factory setting". Tantra is learning how to say yes to life with the radical belief that everything in life is for your awakening. Learn how to overcome challenges and embrace your life as perfection.

Ashaya Yoga® blends precise therapeutic alignment with the revelatory and empowering teachings of Tantra. Ashaya leaves you feeling strong, confident, peaceful, openhearted and ready to engage with life wholeheartedly.

Each session in this extended weekend includes:

Profound Tantric teachings related to the five elements and their impact on the awakening of your heart

In-depth asana practice with alignment refinement and therapeutics to release pain and rediscover your natural freedom

The practice of invocation and meditation that creates resonance with the entire universe and opens you to receive insight

Savasana –deep guided relaxation.

Friday, Oct 26, 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM

Open to All Possibilities – Infinite Sky

Enjoy a spacious, heart-opening practice including standing poses, backbends, hip openers, twists and forward bends. Includes a sky meditation and deep relaxation.

Fee: $50 Early Bird; $60 Regular Tuition Register Now

Saturday, Sept 23, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Engage with Life's Challenges & Rise Up – Steady Earth

Everyone has challenges. But why do some people rise up when challenges come while others feel knocked down? The difference is attitude. The yogic attitude of “everything in life is for your awakening” empowers you to embrace the full spectrum of life including challenges. In fact, challenges shape your character. Learn how to transform challenges into positive change, obstacles into opportunities, and problems into possibilities to take back your life and live with more freedom and joy. Build core strength, flexibility and balance with asanas including standing poses, hip openers, simple inversions (with modifications and prep poses), and making backbends easy.

Fee: $60 Early Bird; $70 Regular Tuition Register Now

Saturday, Sept 23, 2:30 PM – 5:30 PM

Therapeutics for the Feet, Knees & Legs

Discover your body's optimal design for radiant health of the lower body. Through the application of the therapeutic alignment essentials of Ashaya Yoga®, you address, restore and learn how to prevent common aches and pains of the feet, knees and legs. We'll work with specific conditions including fallen arches, bunions, ankle sprains, knee pain, tight hamstrings, and more.

Fee: $60 Early Bird; $70 Regular Tuition Register Now

Sunday, Sept 24, 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Transform Dreams into Reality – Bright Fire & Expansive Air

Light up your practice and expand your heart with a constellation of transformative and uplifting poses that build power and core strength, including standing poses, hand balance preps and refinements, side stretches, leg stretches, hip openers, inversions and backbends.

Fee: $60 Early Bird; $70 Regular Tuition Register Now

Your Instructor: TODD Norian, E-RYT 500,

is an internationally acclaimed yoga teacher. A student of yoga since 1980, he has immersed himself in many styles of alignment-based and heart-centered yoga. In 2012, he founded Ashaya Yoga® (AH-shy-ah) – a Sanskrit word that means, “abode of the heart” – which blends precise alignment techniques with empowering and spiritually uplifting philosophy. With warmth and humor, Todd excels at making deep philosophical teachings accessible and relatable. As an accomplished musician, Todd has created several music CDs for yoga, meditation and relaxation. Todd welcomes students of all levels to awaken to their inherent potential for unlimited joy, vitality and fulfillment. Practice with Todd online at Learn more at