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Tantric Vinyasa with Joe Somodi


Fresh Yoga 319 Peck St, New Haven CT, US 06513

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Sep 15
03:30 amto03:30 am

Sunday September 15th, 2013
10:30 - 1:30 PM
Erector Square Location

Tantric Vinyasa: Enliven Your Essence

Tantra is not fully understood in the West. Most people have only heard of Tantra referred to as sexual energy. This workshop will expand your vocabulary of this ancient tradition.

The word "vinyasa" means "to place something in a special way," and the word "Tantra" translates "to weave," referring to weaving together the material and spiritual worlds. After a short discussion on Tantra, you will engage in a vigorous Tantric vinyasa class, which consists of postures, movements, gestures, breathwork, and meditation woven together to reach a specific desired result. Together we will decide our desired result, and then practice in an intelligent way to get there.

At the heart of the practice will be an unfolding to remind you of your true essence so you can find your highest potential and live the fullest life possible.



$35 if registered by September 8th, $45 thereafter.

Full Description

Joe Somodi is a life-long teacher, author, visionary, public speaker, certified yoga professional and steady expert. He leads sold-out workshops and retreats all across the country and has steadied hundreds of individuals, groups and companies with his unique teachings and philosophies. An avid rock-climber, he will help you reach the top of the mountain.

Joe Somodi’s mission is simple - teach people how to be steady in the midst of change. A former business owner and leader of a successful video production company for 13 years, he is intimately familiar with how to create a budget, hire employees and make tough decisions under pressure. Joe has learned from his own on-the-job experiences how to make his life steady.

Joe's teaching philosphy is simple - do what works. His ten years of teaching experience has allowed him to hone his craft so it's clear, concise and highly effective. He has run sold out retreats and workshops across the country. He holds multiple certifications in the health and wellness field, and shares these skills with corporate America, small businesses and non-profit organizations. He has taught public yoga classes in studios in upstate New York and New York City, but now works in private groups or one-on-one settings. He is a resident member at the Dina Kahder Center, a health and wellness facility in Mt. Kisco, NY.

In January of 2012, Joe successfully launched his first Steady Speaking Tour, which took him to Florida, California, Michigan, Massachusetts and upstate New York. In the fall of 2012, Joe rolled out Steady at the Desk™, a corporate program designed to help companies change the way they manage the stress of long work days, lack of focus and inconsistant work performance.

When Joe isn’t educating, he can be found on a bike or on a rock, challenging himself to reach new heights. But he equally enjoys lazy days with his chihuahua Samson and his husband of 14 years, Kurt.