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Train to teach meditation, mindfulness, and deep relaxation in this unique program taught by Ma Mokshapriya Shakti,


Yogashakti Yoga Center
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  • Teacher Training

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Jan 10
14:00 pmto18:00 pm

1/10/2021 Sun
1/17/2021 Sun
1/23/2021 Sat
1/24/2021 Sun
1/31/2021 Sun
2/6/2021 Sat
2/7/2021 Sun
2/13/2021 Sun
2/14/2021 Sun
2/20/2021 Sat
2/21/2021 Sun
2/28/2021 Sun
*2p - 6p EST



Full Description

Through deepening and refining your own meditation practice, you’ll learn to tap into your heart center and deliver inspired and intuitively-led meditations.
You’ll then learn to transcend the critical mind in order to tap into the core of one’s being and experience what you are teaching with and through your students.
Mokshapriya provides unique tools and perspectives that help you to harness the mind with great love and understanding as well as a variety of techniques that will help you to reach even the most distracted meditator. The two month training (8 Sundays 2p-6p; 4 Saturdays 2p-6p), features time to practice and teach these techniques as well as develop training material.

The course is available in person or via Zoom based on your location and needs, (Only Zoom still available) starting January 10, 2021.

Limited enrollment. If you would like to take the course or have questions please call Mokshapriya at 718.641.0402.

Energy Exchange: $888

Meditation Teachers Training Curriculum
Meditation is an active participation in beginning to understand ourselves and our students. – This is going to be an intense experience and you need to be prepared to devote yourself to this process. This course will require additional books to read along with the course manual. You will be practicing teaching mindfulness, meditation and relaxation sessions with peer reviews. You will have access to personal and group interaction with Mokshapriya and the students.

Week One: Introduction

What is our goal
The mind and its need to be harnessed
Be aware of obstacles that we create
Brain waves
The nervous system
Alpha State exercises
Experience Deep Relaxation

Week Two: Who are We

What is the SELF
The nature of the mind
How our mind effects life
What is our purpose
The bodies of man
Introduction to mindfulness

Week Three: The Mind and Mindfulness

Energy and thought
Neuroscience and meditation
Guest Speaker
Mindfulness – tools and techniques
Attitudes and foundations to support mindfulness
Your practice and skills
Scripting mindfulness sessions

Week Four: Teaching Mindfulness

Preparing to teach mindfulness
Different mindfulness techniques
Preparing the students.
Feedback and questions.
Scripting sessions

Week Five: Meditation

Practicing Mindfulness Sessions with peer review.
Difference between mindfulness and meditation
Purpose of meditation
Techniques for meditation
Various meditation postures
Breath techniques
Scripting guided meditations

Week Six: Meditation Techniques

Practicing meditation sessions
Your power within
Kundalini centers and meditations
Your inner guides and higher self
The other dimensions
How to use scripted meditations

Week Seven: Meditating

Practicing meditation sessions with peer review
More concentration tools
Different types of meditations
Buddhist, Vedic, Chinese, Christian and Sufi
Deep relaxation practice with meditation.

Week Eight: The Meditation Teacher

Practicing meditation sessions with peer review
Confidence as teacher.
Ethics of the teacher.
The power of the teachers
Compensations for teaching
Where you can teach

Winter 2021 Schedule
All classes are from 2 to 6
1/10/2021 Sunday
1/17/2021 Sunday
1/23/2021 Saturday
1/24/2021 Sunday
1/31/2021 Sunday
2/6/2021 Saturday
2/7/2021 Sunday
2/13/2021 Sunday
2/14/2021 Saturday
2/20/2021 Sunday
2/21/2021 Saturday
2/28/2021 Graduation