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Teacher Development Course & Advanced Yoga Retreat with Magda Procner

Poundon House and Magda Procner are collaborating to offer an advanced practitioner and yoga teacher retreat for those looking to take their practice to the next level.


Poundon House, Nr. Bicester Oxfordshire, GB OX27 9BB
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Type of Event

  • Retreat



Aug 28 to
Sep 1
13:15 pmto13:15 pm

• 5 days and 4 nights at luxurious private venue Poundon House
• Yoga practices and bespoke advanced practitioners led Magda Procner
• Healthy yet nourishing vegetarian food by chef Sophie Glover
• Treatments with one of our experienced and professional therapists
• Snacks between meals
• A guided country/nature walk each day



The cost for the five days & four nights (residential)

- Shared accommodation (twin or triple) £495
- Single occupancy in double bedroom £625

We have a maximum of 18 residential guests on the retreat.

Full Description

Join Magda from Magsyoga and founder of Parinama Yoga Studio in Goa, India for a unique 5-day Advanced Yoga Retreat at idyllic yoga retreat centre Poundon House in Oxfordshire, UK.

Immerse yourself into the practice of asanas, pranayama and meditation with an experienced yoga teacher and YTTC instructor and get new ideas for your classes and sequences, all in the beautiful setting of the English countryside located just an hour away from London!

The retreat is ideal for intermediate/advanced yoga practitioners and/or yoga teachers who are looking for a challenging immersion that will help them improve their own practice and/or get inspiration for their own teaching. You do not need to be able to perform advanced yoga poses, it is much more important that you are aware of your body and its blockages and limitations and are ready to work at your own level. You will be given options and modifications for more advanced poses and will be encouraged to challenge yourself in a safe, controlled way.
We are also very happy to offer bespoke packages – day passes and non-residential opportunities.

The dates
The retreat takes place over four nights and five days, running from 6pm Sunday 29th August to 12pm Thursday 1st September in the height of summer at Poundon House. The fields will be green and hopefully the sun will be casting its glow over the beautiful orange stone of the house and the mellow fruits of our walled garden.

The yoga
There will be a welcome class and opening ceremony on Sunday evening. There will be two yoga sessions per day Monday - Wednesday. Morning classes will be dynamic Vinyasa Flow and will last around 2.5-3 hours, containing all elements of yoga - asanas, pranayama, meditation, elements of yoga philosophy, mudras and chanting. On Thursday, our last day there will be an immersive Vinyasa Flow focusing on inversions.
Afternoon sessions will be around 2 hours and will include elements of alignment and anatomy, teaching methodology (particularly sequencing, safety and modifications), as well as yoga philosophy, providing new ideas for your own practice and teaching.
The yoga course

Day 1 Sunday 28th - Opening Day
Afternoon - Opening circle, Candlelit Yoga Nidra and Meditation Session

Day 2 Monday 29th - Hips
Vinyasa Flow class focusing on the hips and lower chakras (Muladhara and Swadisthana) - opening and strengthening major muscles around the hip joint and working towards advanced hip openers, followed by Pranayama and Meditation.

Theory and practice, including: anatomy - major muscles and movements of the hip joint, asanas for strengthening and opening particular muscles, information on sequencing classes focused on the hips, discussing lower chakras.

Day 3 Tuesday 30th - Core
Vinyasa Flow class focusing on the core and Manipura Chakra - strengthening all layers of abdominal muscles as well as hip flexors and working towards advanced armbalancing poses, followed by Pranayama and Meditation.

Theory and practice, including: anatomy - abdominal muscles and hip flexors, asanas for strengthening partiular muscles, information on sequencing classes focused on the core, discussing Manipura Chakra.

Day 4 Wednesday 31st - Backbends
Vinyasa Flow class focusing on backbends and Anahata Chakra - opening hip flexors, shoulders and other relevant muscles, in preparation for a variety of backbending poses, from simple to more advanced, followed by Pranayama and Meditation.

Theory and practice, including: detailed anatomy and alignment of backbends, preparatory asanas, safety and therapeutic aspects of backbending poses, finding balance between strength and flexibility, information on sequencing classes focused on backbends, discussing Anahata Chakra.

Day 5 Thursday 1st September - Inversions
Vinyasa Flow class focusing on Inversions - turning your world upside down and working towards Handstands, with emphasis on alignment and useful techniques for strengthening relevant muscles, followed by Pranayama, Meditation and Closing Circle.
Typical day
8am – tea, fruit, juice / smoothie / morning snack 8.30 – 11.00am – morning yoga practice 11.00am - brunch
12.00 – 1pm – country walk / activity
1pm – 2.30pm – free time / treatments 2.30pm - lunch
3.30 – 5.30pm afternoon yoga session 5.30 – 7.30pm – free time / treatments 7.30pm - dinner
Post-dinner: Early to bed / DVD night / satsang / firebowl ceremony on the last night

Your teacher
Magda Procner has been practising yoga since 2003 and has been living and teaching in Goa, India since 2011, where in 2015 she set up her own studio - Parinama Yoga Studio. She has completed her 500hr TTC as well as a variety of other trainings and workshops, including yearly trainings in Mysore, courses in pranayama, vipassana meditation and much more.
Magda has led and hosted numerous workshops and retreats around the world, including in India, Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, the UK, Tenerife and Poland. She has also taught modules for YTTC courses. In her classes, she combines Eastern and Western approaches to yoga - introducing not only asanas, but also pranayama, meditation, elements of yoga philosophy and ayurveda, as well as focusing on creating a safe space for self-inquiry and internal exploration.

For more info, visit her websites and

‘She has extensive knowledge and understanding of the asana, and leads with precision and authority. Her hands-on corrections were my favorite. They were firm and clear, and helped me understand how small improvements in placement can completely change the posture. Mags lives, loves, and breathes yoga with a dedication I have rarely seen. She is inspirational, and just as importantly, FUN!"
Becky Goldberg, USA

"Mags is one of the best yoga teachers I've been lucky enough to encounter. She has a pure heart and a soul that shines bright. Her passion, knowledge and practice is second to none. She encouragingly leads you through a gruelling 2-hour session, pushing your body to places you didn't know you were capable of, all through her intuitive understanding of the body and mind."
Ellie Di Martino, UK

"She is an amazing teacher, her knowledge is bountiful when it comes to anatomy and alignment but what I really love about her is that she has this wonderfully subtle ability to make you want to challenge yourself which leads you to do things in your own practise you didn't think were possible." Zarra Miranda, London

The retreat location
Poundon House is the ideal location for a yoga retreat. The Queen Anne-style country house is stunning and spacious; set within six acres of landscaped gardens on the edge of the Oxfordshire/Buckinghamshire border. Despite the peace and tranquillity of the surrounding countryside, Poundon is within easy reach of London, Oxford, Milton Keynes, Birmingham, the Cotswolds and Bristol with fantastic transport links to the all of these places.

Once you arrive at Poundon, you will feel immediately at home. Whether it is settling down in front of a roaring open fire, taking a long bath in one of the unique bathrooms or going for a quiet walk in the apple orchard, for over a century Poundon has been the perfect place to escape the bustle of city life.

Poundon House was built in 1908, in the Edwardian era, and was designed for sumptuous entertaining, downstairs there are three large reception rooms and a library. The second and third floors feature nine guest bedrooms, all are spacious double (or twin) bedrooms. Keeping true to the original design, the bedrooms are luxurious and large. There are five bathrooms & a shower room shared between the nine bedrooms. We provide white towelling dressing gowns and Organic Surge products in the bathrooms.

There are nine bedrooms at Poundon House:
• The Green Room - double
• The Blue Room - double or twin
• The French Room - double
• The Young Master’s Room - double or twin The Toile Room - double or twin
• The Old Studio - double or twin
• The Red Room - double or twin
• The Old Nursery - double, twin or triple The Romantic Room – double

Please note that there are five bathrooms and therefore the bathrooms are shared. There is plenty of hot water, organic / natural products are provided and luxurious white dressing gowns are provided to each guest.

The Poundon House kitchen
You are always welcome in the Poundon House kitchen! The kitchen is the heart of the house; many a problem can be solved while putting the kettle on or warming yourself by the Aga. On your retreat, breakfast / brunch will be taken in the kitchen and dinners may be either in the kitchen or in the Yellow Room, one of the large downstairs reception rooms.

Production by &Sister - Natalie and Alicia Roscoe
Poundon House has been owned and loved by the Roscoe family for 40 years, Natalie and Alicia Roscoe grew up here and now both work for the family events business.

As a family and a business we have hosted many events over the years, from sprawling house parties to 300-strong fusion weddings! Our aim is to share the experience of being in a beautiful country house for time away from the city, surrounded by nature and, in this case immersing yourself in yoga, delicious nourishing food and enhancing your own practice and well-being.

Natalie and Alicia set up the retreat side of Poundon House - ‘&Sister’ - in August 2015. Older sister Natalie works in events and marketing and Alicia is a yoga-lover and a trained yoga teacher:

“There is nothing that gives me more happiness than hosting yoga retreats and well-being events at my family home. I know how great guests will feel by the end of the weekend: inspired, uplifted, relaxed, rejuvenated. I have experienced it myself after yoga retreats and now want to share that experience with our new guests.”

The aim of ‘&Sister’ is to collaborate with inspirational yoga teachers, dedicated chefs and experienced therapists. Alongside these experts, we want to provide not just an escape from the hectic hullaballoo of daily life, but also the chance to return to that life with a renewed vigor and sense of calm and control.

As well as on-site wellbeing gurus, you can also expect to be well looked after by the Poundon House team. As well as Magda, Natalie or Alicia will be on site to make sure your stay is blissful. Please feel free to ask us any questions in the lead up and during the retreat, we are more than happy to help with anything; nothing is too big or too small.

Your yoga space
We convert one of the large downstairs reception rooms at Poundon House into a yoga shala for the retreat. This space becomes an integral part of your retreat, where our yogis can keep silence and retreat to for private meditations whenever they need to. We provide yoga mats, blocks and blankets.

Your nourishment
We want you to relish and enjoy the food, especially after a yoga practice or long country walk. We also want it to be nutritionally sound and match the aim of enhancing how you feel by the end of the retreat. Therefore, the food will be healthy, clean vegetarian food prepared by our experienced retreat chef, Sophie Glover. There will be fresh smoothies to get your day off to a healthy start and fuel you for your energetic morning practice. After the morning session there will be a big hearty healthy breakfast, a light lunch in the middle of the day and then a lovely dinner in the Yellow Room in the evenings. Healthy snacks will appear just when you need them, as if by magic!

‘Delcious, healthy and nourishing. Still dreaming about cacao balls!’ Tamara – Wild Spring guest

More about your chef Sophie
Having trained at Leiths school of food and wine, Sophie has worked in top restaurants and hotels. She now works as a successful private chef where she travels the world cooking for families, catering events and have extensive experience cooking on retreats both here and abroad. Her ethos is getting the best flavour possible out of every ingredient and nourishing her diners both inside and out!

“I love cooking on retreats and seeing the way that the practise and food work in unison towards people reaching their personal goals. The best compliment a person can give me is when they wonder how the food I provide is both delicious and healthy”
Sophie Glover

Welcome to the brew bar
Poundon House provides one bottle of mineral water per person in the bedrooms. There is also plenty of fresh filtered water at various water / tea stations throughout the house. This is not only more eco- friendly but our filtered tap water is perfectly delicious!

The kettles will always be on because we love tea! You can expect a continuous delicious stream of herbal teas provided throughout the retreat.

Your Downtime
How you spend your down time is up to you. – there’s the beautiful gardens to wander in, the fields if you want to go explore further, and there will be led walks. Or you can rest in the lovely Drawing Room or Library and read, or relax by the swimming pool (at designated times only). The pool is fresh water, unheated and totally refreshing.

Day passes / non-residential – please email us to register your interest in day passes. These will be available subject to space in the yoga shala. The day pass will also include food.
One day - £85
Two days - £150
Three days - £225
Five day / whole course non-residential - £295
To make a booking please email or call 01869 713 412
The treatments
We have a wide range of treatments available with highly recommended practitioners, ranging from shiatsu to hot stone massages. Please do consult our treatment list and let us know at least one week in advance which treatments you would like to book.

Press & testimonials
"Her teaching style was exactly what I was hoping for. Gentle, encouraging, thoughtful and adapted to our individual needs, helping us to become strong yoga teachers ourselves. I thoroughly enjoyed my month with Mags and she inspired me so much that I have often thought about her whilst I teach now." Naomi Jane Webb, UK

Om Yoga Magazine
The venue itself is something special. Driving up to the Edwardian venue you get a mini-Downton Abbey The look of the shala changes throughout the day, in the evenings the sessions were candlelit with a relaxing feel before bedtime, in the morning sunshine bursts through the giant windows providing a wakeup call for all.

Queen of Retreats
The perfect backdrop to encourage inner combination of unpretentious home comfort and discreet professionalism somehow shouldn’t really work, and yet it does to gratifyingly good I felt I had walked into my dream home, experiencing almost instant calm and contentment. It is huge without being intimidating, comfortable without forsaking cleanliness, and I resolved to resume my lottery ticket buying habit instantly.

Zoe Cole – Fashionably Balanced
Trust me when I say I genuinely feel better than I have done in years! I wake with more energy and ready to hit the ground running most days whereas previously I was always pretty sluggish in the mornings. I also feel generally calmer and more positive on a daily basis.

Poppy Cross – London Health and Fitness Girl
Natalie and Alicia have created a very personal environment, which fits so perfectly with yoga and allows people to fully let go and get a really rich experience.

Sam – Autumn Light retreat guest
The attention to detail at Poundon has been amazing, from goodie bags on arrival, wonderful food and amazing yoga and meditation.

Victoria – Autumn Light retreat guest
I’m coming away feeling relaxed, in tune with myself, enriched, nourished and with a better awareness of myself, thank you!

Lynn – Wild Spring retreat guest
I wanted to say thank you again for such an amazing retreat experience at Poundon House! I’m so glad I stumbled upon your website :) You really fulfilled my yoga retreat expectations.

Francesca – Wild Spring retreat guest
Thank you so much for such an amazing weekend, I have really never felt better. I feel so rested and good and brimming with joy. My body and mind feel lighter than I can remember and I learned so much.

Tamara – Wild Spring retreat guest
Poundon house is the most perfect escape. A retreat here provides the opportunity to immerse youself in yoga, nature and relaxation. I felt immediately at home and was so generously welcomed by Alicia, who is a perfect host. I left feeling healthy and rested in body and soul.

Getting to Poundon House
Poundon House, Poundon, Nr Bicester, Oxon OX27 9BB

Nearest train station: Bicester North or Bicester Village (9 miles / 15 minutes). A taxi with Alpha cars: 01869 24 24 24 will cost £11.
If you are getting the train please let us know your arrival time so that we can help arrange a taxi share.

From London take junction 9 off the M40. At the roundabout above the motorway, head towards Bicester on the A41. At the Esso petrol station roundabout, turn right. You are now on the Bicester bypass.
At the next roundabout, take the second left towards Launton. Follow signs to Launton. In Launton, at the crossroads, turn left opposite The Bull Inn, this should be signposted to Poundon.

Leave the village, going over a railway track about a mile out, and then go straight over the next cross roads. About 3 miles from there, after going up a steep hill and past a couple of farm entrances, we are on your right with black gates and a lime tree avenue.

From Oxford, take the Oxford ring-road / A34 towards Bicester. At the M40 roundabout above the motorway, head towards Bicester on the A41. At the Esso petrol station roundabout, turn right. You are now on the Bicester bypass – follow instructions from the above paragraph.
We look forward to welcoming you to Poundon House