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Teacher Training 300 Yoga Alliance Approved

One Year Training 300 E-RYT must have 200 RYT. Weekends 2 times a month for a year. Broken into 4 Modules This is the first one Philosphy.


165 Park Ave (Second Floor), Rutherford NJ, US 07070

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  • Teacher Training

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Jun 5 to
Sep 25
12:15 pmto03:15 am

E-RYT Teacher Training, 300 Hours, One Year, 14 Hour Weekends, Meeting 2 times per month, must have RYT, 12-6 Saturday 10 -6 Sunday



3 Months - Modules One of 4 Modules.

Full Description

The Program was designed and Created for Shiva Shanti Yoga School by Felise Berman all rights reserved. Publication or Distribution of this training is illegal without
strict consent of Felise Berman. 2015.
Shiva Shanti Yoga Est. 2008
Classes and Teacher Training

165 Park Ave, Rutherford NJ 07070
At Shiva Shanti Yoga, we focus on Yoga Asana, Philosophy and Sacred Study. Our classes are based on (vinyasa), deep breathing, restorative yoga, meditation, yoga nidra and mantra; to enhance one’s health and wellbeing. Classes are paced, systematic and provide a foundation for understanding the many branches of yoga. In our classes the duration that you are engaged in asana varies; heat can be generated from within, when practicing a dynamic asana or a flowing sequence. In some classes you may be encouraged to relax in a pose or dynamically embrace a pose for an extended period of time, always our classes are created to intelligently flow. Each class begins by chanting the eternal sound of OM, followed by a dharma talk, a brief physical warm up, sun salutations, infused with music, anatomy integration, structural alignment, flexibility, range of motion and graceful transitions. In our classes you will be taught how to use props and be guided in a safe and thoughtful asana class. Classes include standing poses, backbends, forward bends, hip openers, twisting, inversions, shavasana, meditation and chanting mantra. Our classes are designed to join mind, body, and spirit. The temperature is balanced for safety and never over heated. All Shiva Shanti Yoga Teachers are interested in the deep historical and philosophical study of the ancient practice of yoga. We invite and encourage people of every background, shape, size, gender and color to join us. Shiva means transformation (by dissolving our old ways of thinking and being) and Shanti means peace, we happily promote unity and peace among all beings. Shiva Shanti Yoga is committed to providing an atmosphere where the ancient texts of yoga can be taught, understood, explored, while in a safe and compassionate environment. “I believe your practice must be thoughtful, joyful, devotional, graceful, calming, challenging, enlightening and steady.” Felise Berman Founder Shiva Shanti Yoga.
300 E-RYT Training Program One Year (2nd Level Certification)
Shiva Shanti Yoga 300 Hour Teacher Training E-RYT TT 300 Hour 2016 14 Hour Weekends Hours January 23/24 14 Technique Practice and Demonstration February 27/28 14 Technique Practice and Demonstration March 12/13 14 Technique Practice and Demonstration April 9/10 & 23/24 28 Technique Practice and Demonstration June 11/12 & 25/26 28 Anatomy and Physiology July 9/10 & 23/24 28 Philosophy Lifestyle Ethics August 6/7 & 20/21 28 Philosophy Lifestyle Ethics/Practicum September 7/18 & 24/25 28 Practicum/Mantra/Chanting/Music October 8/9 & 22/23 28 Sequencing/Assisting November 5/6 & 119/20 28 Assisting/Privates/Mentoring December 3/4 & 17/18 28 Restorative/Special Population January 7/8 14 Final Weekend Review & Exam 20 - Self Study/Service One Year Sat 10-6 Sun 10-6 280 - Group Hours Paid in Full $4000 Payments $4500
Shiva Shanti Yoga 300 E-RYT Hours Breakdown Technique Practice and Demonstration 70 Asana breakdown of the Advanced Poses (similar to the first level training) Anatomy and Physiology 30 Leslie Kamainoff Anatomy Training Philosophy Lifestyle Ethics 60 George Feuerstein Philosophy Training Manual/Ashtavakra Gita Practicum 20 Voice projection, recording, public teaching, videos Mantra 20 Sanskrit, Mantra continued study with top teachers Sequencing 20 Creating a safe class for every level using the Asana Manual Assisting 20 Thai Body Massage Workshop included with hands on Assist Restorative 20 Study and Practice 40 Teaching classes, critique, taking outside classes and serving underprivileged population Curriculum 300 Hours