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Teacher Training & Yoga Studies at Enlighten Yoga

This is the program for you if you want to understand the ancient science of yoga as it has been faithfully taught throughout the centuries, not as a means for only understanding the body, but as a means for using the body as a tool for understanding one’s tendencies, behavior patterns and desires. Understanding of the deepest parts of oneself will lead to freedom in body, mind and spirit. This training comes from an unbroken lineage imparted from teacher to student.


5892 Rea Rd. Suite D2, Charlotte NC, US 28278

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  • Teacher Training

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Jan 15 to
Jun 7
22:00 pmto22:00 pm

This course is divided into two pathways: The teacher certification pathway and the Personal Learning Pathway, across 8 weekends, meeting Thursday evening, Friday evening, and all day Saturday and Sunday. No requirements or obligations for the Personal Learning Pathway. Students in the Teacher Certification Pathway must attend all weekends fully and fulfill all assignments, and pass written and practical exams.



$300 deposit with application credited toward tuition. Payment plans available! Please contact Shari Goldstein at Enlighten Yoga Early bird specials apply! The full tuition includes weekends with guest presenters: David Keil (anatomy), James Tennant (ayurveda), Kino Macgregor (assisting/observation), and more. Choose weekends for personal development with no obligation to the full course!

Full Description

The Weekends!
January 16-19 (32 hours) Full immersion into the study of anamayakosha, the physical sheath, the body, the ranges of mobilities for joints of arms, legs, spine with their corresponding asanas. The science of asana pairs, arm asanas, asanas for development of strength versus stretching, asanas for different practices within the science of yoga (pranayamas, chanting, concentration, etc). Balancing the body in multi-dimensional space with turns on the mat and vinyasas facing many directions. Introduction to the Hatha Yoga Pradipika and The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

January 24-26 (12-15 hours) Dive into Yoga Anatomy with David Keil! David Keil will personally teach all that the beginning yoga teacher of today needs to know with respect to spine, major joints, and muscular function with practical application to yoga asana practice. This module is required only for those seeking certification as a yoga teacher.

February 20-23 (32 hours) Full immersion into the study of pranamayakosha, the energetic sheath, the breath (pranayama), the vayus, the gunas, the elements that comprise the doshas, agni, and the interplay of the energetic sheath with the physical sheath (diet of a yogi). Brief introduction to bandhas, mudras and other avenues where the physical body intersects with the energetic sheath. Discussion of nervous system and brain functions within the science of yoga. Introduction to The Bhagavad Gita.

March 6-9 (24 hours) James Tennant (owner of Tejas Yoga in Chicago, IL) will lead a full Ayurveda weekend from Friday throughg Sunday. Students will meet with Mara on Thursday to review reading material prior to the weekend so as to be fully prepared and receptive for the immense information James will offer. Students will learn about their constitution, dosha, asana practices for the doshas, diet, and many other fascinating topics.

March 21-23 (15 hours) The weekend to learn the fundamentals of assisting and adjusting others in asana! Friday evening we will cover assisting inversions and backbends. Saturday we will cover assisting standing postures. Sunday we will cover assisting seated postures. This module is required only for those seeking certification as a yoga teacher.

April 4-6 (2 hours) Those seeking certification as a yoga teacher will be required to observe one full ashtanga/mysore class led by Kino MacGregor as she teaches ashtanga at Enlighten Yoga. The purpose of the observation will be to take copious notes on the art of adjusting many different types/levels of practioner in one room by observing a highly experienced teacher. Again, this module is required only for those seeking certification as a yoga teacher.

April 24-27 (32 hours) Full immersion into the study of manomayakosha, the sheath of our emotional/ego mind. We will delve into the psychology of inner transformation (changing the mind/thoughts) through yoga practices both on and off the mat; including a deep immersion into the tudy of subtle anatomy (chakras, nadis, marmas, astral & causal bodies) with great reading from accomplished, modern yoga masters! We will continue to develop the idea of creating balance on each sheath (physical and energetic) as we dive deeper into the sheaths of the mind.

May 15-18 (32 hours) Full immersion into the study of vijnanamayakosha, the rational mind/ wisdom mind sheath. We will look at the development of wisdom, and deep inner knowledge from a yogic point of view. This weekend will delve heavily into the study of the yoga pathways (karma, bhakti, raja, tantra/hatha, & jnana) with a review of The Bhagavad Gita, and other important, sacred texts of yoga. Students will be encouraged to assess their natural proclivities and to learn to create skillful choices in their daily lives.

June 5-8 (15 hours) The wrap-up weekend! We will review coursework, readings, complete the final studies of The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and students will take their written final exam! Students in good standing can apply for the mentoring program at Enlighten Yoga for continued mentoring support, experience teaching classes, and free yoga for 6 months while assisting senior teachers at the studio. On the job training! This module is required only for those seeking certification as a yoga teacher.