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Thai Massage 3-week intensive training

1 to 3 week intensive, accredited and experiential training in Byron Bay, Australia. This Thai Massage training delivers deep knowledge in very small groups; supported by complimentary yoga classes as well as the most beautiful beach surrounds. The level of detail, awareness and attention on how to you use your body and the technique is condensed in an course that will take you to practitioner level in 15 days.


Byron Thai Massage School
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76 Sunrise Boulevard,, Byron Bay NSW, AU 2481
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Jul 13 to
Jul 31
09:00 amto06:00 am

15-day - Level 1,2,3 - 8 hours a day from 9 am to 6pm starting with an hour and a half Ayanga Yoga class every morning.



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Become a Thai Yoga Massage therapist. Learn the ancient healing Art of Thai Massage in a 3-week intensive, accredited, training in beautiful Byron Bay, Australia.

Perfect for both beginners and qualified therapists as a career &/or personal development; or to enhance yoga teachers & anyone’s awareness & understanding of the human body and movement. Thai Yoga Massage is the best way to complement Yoga teaching with the experience of hands-on adjustments and induced stretches.

The physical side of it is an interactive form of body-work in which the bodies of practitioner and client merge in continuous movement: Yoga like stretches, adjustments, acupressure and reflexology link in a flow that makes the treatment relaxing, energizing and an extremely thorough massage. The energetic side of it focuses on the meridians, energy channels where the chi, or vital force runs. Energy pathways are cleared, muscles are elongated, joints are freed, internal organs and all bodily functions are stimulated into moving towards a more balanced state, so to improve overall health and well-being.

Thai Massage is also very beneficial for the practitioners because it allows them to stretch and strengthen, focus on breath, and meditate while working on clients.

Valentina Gombi is a very passionate and experienced teacher who has spent many months in Thailand studying with different Masters. Through the many years of teaching, she has since developed her own very detailed and very precise style which focuses on direction of pressure, body weight, rhythm and best postural alignment to avoid injuries to the practitioner.

Byron Thai Massage School offers 3 levels of training: Level I & II provide students with the practical skills and techniques of the traditional northern style sequences from Chiang Mai, Thailand, but with the addition of a very specific understanding on how to use the body, the weight, the pressure. Level 3 is 5 days of supervised practice to consolidate the incredible amount of information learnt the previous 2 weeks.

Every day starts with an hour and a half Yoga class and continues with the Thai Yoga component.

Classes are limited to 6 students, so that individuals receive complete professional training and personal attention.