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Thai Massage Practitioner Training

One of the most comprehensive programs on therapeutic Thai massage. Graduates are eligible for liability insurance, membership with the THAI Alliance and will be excellent ambassadors of this incredible body work technique.


Spruce Grove Circle, Whistler BC, CA V0n 1B9

Type of Event

  • Workshop

Yoga Styles



May 16 to
Jun 24
09:00 amto17:00 pm



GST additional

Students may pay a deposit of $325 to hold their space and the remainder on the start date.

Early bird incentives available!

Full Description

This 200 hour program includes:

~ Wai Kru meditation practice and Ruesi Dat Ton self-care exercises
~ Restored medical theories of the body and mind in traditional Thai concepts
~ Unique skills in how to stretch and move someone with very little effort
~ A focus is placed on maintaining posture and alignment, allowing your body to become a tool for gentle pressure, rocking and leverage
~ Guidance for working the layers of the body
~ Contraindications for specific problems from a Thai perspective
~ Pali chanting, guided meditation and Ruesi Dut Ton (exercises to open the Sen channels)
~ Qi Gong, Yoga & meditation practice for practitioner equilibrium
~ An introduction to Ayurvedic eating, Abhyanga massage and marma point therapy
~ Professional development skills
~ A professional practicum clinic with supervision
~ Community outreach initiatives
~ Reading assignment eligible for RTT designation with requirements submitted to The Thai Healing Alliance International (50 logbook hours within 1 year)
~ Students are encouraged to take their First Aid Standard/Level One Training to practice Thai massage

*The hours of this program are extended to meet the requirements for Registered Thai Therapists of the Thai Healing Alliance International.

Drawn to the practice of Thai therapies?

Giving Thai Massage; your vital energy engages into a beautiful dance with the energy that flows through the channels and systems of the other person. Thai Massage is much like a combining the experiences of practicing yoga and visiting a massage therapist at the same time. It could be that you and your partner want skills to ail each other's discomfort from time to time, or perhaps you are looking for a new career

Who can benefit from learning Thai therapies?

Even if you have limited or no experience in bodywork; Thai therapies is for anyone interested in healing, for it is a process through which you give and receive healing at the same time.

Yoga Practitioners: TM & Yoga have a direct relationship to each other. TM contains the aspect of applied Hatha Yoga. It will give Yoga teachers more confidence in adjusting their students.

Doctors of TCM: TM adds the dynamic of stretching in addition to acupressure for another hands on technique to manipulating the Qi.

Shiatsu Practitioners: TM adds to their set of techniques, giving more variety and alternatives to working the meridian lines. The Fundamentals of Thai Massage program is accredited with the STA for continuing education credits.

RMTs: TM offers techniques and structure quite different from the table work. It adds to the repertoire, with new stretches and channel work and abdomen protocol. Some techniques can be done on the table. CEU's are available.

Holistic Nurses or Doctors: TM shows another way of working with the body, teaching new hands-on healing methods. This provides a greater understanding of alternative healing practices which may provide for a private practice or confidence in referral to other practitioners.

Meditators: TM expands meditation into motion. It affirms the divine states of mind through selfless compassion, non-judgement, kindness, acceptance, sympathetic joyfulness and equanimity for all situations and people.

Martial Artists: TM is another inner adventure to balance.

Here are some links to see what some of Kristin's graduate students have done with their training:



This is just to tell you Kristin, how much I enjoyed your teaching of the intro course. Your gentle and kind heart was truly felt during these 6 days. I am now feeling a lot better and much freer of the lower back pain. I will continue Thai massage development from now on!
-Claire Olivier

Kristin, you introduced me to Thai massage and have catalyzed so much growth and thank you. Your generosity and laughter, combine with your knowledge and you are a gifted teacher & friend. I look forward to learning more. Love always sweet sage.
-Gillie Easdon

My purpose at first was to help others heal. Now all I can think about is healing myself, my energy. I am in the right direction and you have helped me on the way. You made me realize that I only need to think of self love and by having that intention, I will be able to help others. I thank you with all my heart.
- Lynne Taillefier

Thank you for your energy and knowledge. Your passion for Thai massage and healing was felt from day one. You have awakened my energy and have shown me how rewarding it is healing myself and others. Your calming voice really contributes to holding space in the course. I really enjoy learning from you, for all that you have shown me.
- Kirstie Smith

Kristin my sweet, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and passion with everyone and I. I am learning so much about myself and the importance of clarity and maintaining my health. I'm beginning to notice a lot of changes within myself and I'm so happy this course has been a beautiful beginning to many wonderful things. You have wonderful insight and have been a great inspiration! Namaste.
- Farren Aslay

My friend, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your inspiration, integrity, passion and creativity. You are a mentor to me. Working with you those past 10 days has been a soul journey for me. I look forward to working more and more with you and to growing with Thai massage. Love and light.
- Sheila Snow

Wow - 1000 golden candles on a bridge, on a starry night, in a forest over a river: lit in thankyous to you. You have been my bridge this week to the first steps on the other side. You have been gentle, encouraging, direct and fun. Thank you for every moment, I look forward to many more.
-Amanda Tate

I'm so thankful to you for teaching me this beautiful art form. I can't describe what this experience has meant to me. It has helped me to find a part of myself I knew existed but had not yet found. I appreciate all your wisdom you have shared with me thus far. I can't wait for more.
-Tina Hall

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to learn from your great skills and special light that cast through out our classes. I feel honoured to have started on a new journey with your guidance and look forward to new discoveries all the way.
-Shayne Roberts