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Thai Yoga Massage Advanced in the side posicion Level 3



Avenida Ary Valadao Filho no 352, Alto Paraiso de Goias GO, BR 73770-000
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Type of Event

  • Retreat

Yoga Styles



Nov 13 to
Nov 16
00:30 amto21:45 pm


-7.00 wake up
-7.30-9.00 yoga and meditation (some days by the beach)
-9.00-10.00 breakfast
-10.00-13.00 massage lessons
-13.00-15.00 lunch
-15.00-19.00 massage lessons
-19.00-20.30 dinner

- Evenings around the fire with music and chantings and meditation.



the price includes meals 2 hours of yoga and meditation daily in the morning, 6 daily hours of thai massage teaching.

Full Description


Traditional Thai massage is a full body holistic workout that covers the physical body, the energy body and the psychic or emotional bodies. It is based on the idea of the five bodies of man, which we find in the yoga philosophy.

For Thai massage to fully show its potential of energy balancing on all levels, a complete workout of the whole physical body is imperative, as the physical body is the tool to reach the other bodies. Primarily the energy body is the target, but emotional release arising from touching the memory and subconscious bodies is also facilitated. This is normally achieved by working from the toes to the head, using different body positions, lying on the back, lying on the side, lying on the stomach and sitting.

But it is also possible to do a complete full body massage using the side position only. This is particularly helpful when you work on someone who finds it difficult to lie on the back, like people with lower back problems or pregnant women, which are advised, after the first trimester, to no longer lie on the stomach or back. The reason for this is the pressure of the baby on the organs, the arteries and lungs reducing their function, all of which could negatively affect the baby.

Pregnant women especially need and love an intensive workout, and Thai massage in the side position is simply one of the most relaxing experiences a pregnant woman can go through. She and the baby are going to enjoy it tremendously. Pregnancy is not a disease, so it is not appropriate to treat pregnant women as if they were sick. Of course, any strain on the stomach needs to be avoided, as well as particular energy points that might trigger abortion, but even an intensive stretching is great for most pregnant women to alleviate tension and pain in the back. But even for regular clients it can be a refreshing change to occasionally use the side position as an alternative to the standard workout.

Thai massage is not allowed on pregnant women until they have passed the first trimester.
If your receiver is over-weight, with a large belly, they may also find that to lie on the back reduces lung supply, as can be the same for some women with large breasts.
This position is also very effective for those who are emotional. This is a natural position to receive comfort from oneself, to turn inward to a fetal position. This turns the face and the body away from the practitioner allowing the receiver privacy that may need to understand and connect with their emotional state. Also for the shy or embarrassed and teenagers, this position removes some of the intimacy of massage allowing the recipient to feel the benefits of massage without fully engaging with the practitioner.

Those who have difficulties connecting with their body and prefer to talk about that which is outside them rather than their current experience, will allow themselves to be silenced when lying on the side.
When we deal with lower back issues and sciatica it can be frequently impossible or too painful for the client to lie on the stomach or back. Yet from the side, one can work directly into the problem, alleviating the root cause by working the fully exposed Sen Lines that specifically relieve lower back pain.