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Thai Yoga Massage Beginner Course No. 2

8-DAY THAI YOGA MASSAGE BEGINNER COURSE IN 4 WEEKENDS with Zoltan Gyorgyovics and Valerie Imbach


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Jun 9 to
Jun 10
07:00 amto18:00 pm



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What is Thai Yoga Massage?
Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient healing art based on the principles of yoga philosophy. The practitioner uses the physical body as a tool to access the subtle bodies, in order to bring physical, mental and spiritual healing and balance. With the application of rhythmic pressure on certain points and energy lines in the body, the yogic stretching of muscles and joint manipulation, blockages can be released and the energy restored to its natural flow. By using body weight, correct posture and the hands, thumbs, elbows, knees, feet and forearms the massage is able to go deep into the internal organs and soft tissue. Because this massage is working on the different body layers (koshas) the release works on an emotional, energetic and physical Yoga Massage could be seen as a moving meditation. When performed with awareness, equanimity and loving kindness, practicing Thai Yoga Massage trains the body, the mind and the heart. It becomes a mutual meditation and a powerful energetic exchange with many benefits for both giver and receiver.

Overview of the Beginners Course:
Our Thai Yoga Massage training will focus on the systematic tuition of a full body massage. The aim of the course is for the participant to be able to give a full two hour treatment to an average healthy patient. During the course, a much wider variety of exercises are introduced, from which the eventual massage may be tailored to fit the needs of the practitioner and the patient (according to the dimensions of giver and receiver, state of health, flexibility etc.). In accordance with the spiritual traditions in which our massage is rooted, the 50 hours of hands-on training will be complemented by morning yoga - in which we may experience the stretches, pressures and energy lines worked on during the massage and early morning meditation sessions - in which the state of mind recommended by the tradition for thai massage is explained, and can then be experienced and cultivated.

Who is the course for?
The course is open to all, with an openness and affinity to give and receive on a physical, mental and spiritual level. Since Thai Yoga Massage is done on massage tatamis on the ground, a basic physical ability to spend time on the ground is the only physical requirement for participation. No previous experience in massage is needed.

What is the material based on?
The backbone of the course is Asokananda’s „The Art of Traditional Thai Massage”, the first publication on the topic in any language other than thai. The founder of the Sunshine Network, Asokananda wrote this book in 1990, and it still forms the backbone of teaching today. However, as time passes, teachers have made slight changes and new approaches to the subject, which may be provided as handouts and manuals to complement the book.

What is included in the course fee?
8 days of Thai Yoga Massage teachings, Meditation, Yoga, a printed manual, tea and snacks

What about certification?
All those successfully participating in the beginners course will receive a signed Sunshine Network certificate of their studies. This allows students to go on to advanced studies with teachers from the network. What the certificate allows you to do in the business sphere depends on the local regulations of the area where you wish to practice. These rules tend to change form time to time, and from region to region. In some countries of the world, it allows you to write off the hours you gained for a naturapath, masseur or alternative therapist curriculum, while some countries only accept their own registered schools. Feel free to ask Sunshine Network teachers in the given country for more information.

How many hours of study are certified?
The course contains 50 hours of Thai Yoga Massage, 12 hours of Yoga, and 8 hours of Meditation training. That makes 70 hours in total.

7.00 - 8.00: Meditation (optional but recommended) with Zoltan
8.00 - 9.30: Yoga (" " " ) with Valerie
10.30 - 13.30: Thai Yoga Massage Training 1 with Zoltan
15.00 - 18.00: Thai Yoga Massage Training 2 with Zoltan


For the whole course: 1350 CHF (1150 CHF reduced*)
For one weekend: 350 CHF (300 CHF reduced*)
Reservation : 700 CHF (Full payment before Course begin)

* for Members and Students
*** Limited to 14 participants ***

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