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Thai yoga massage for beginners level 1-2

The residential course is to learn or deepen the basic knowledge of Thai yoga massage structured in the two modules level 1 and 2 that completes the 60 hours of basic training. It is possible to participate in only one module or both (to participate in level 2 it is necessary to have participated in level 1 with Ivan Medici or with other schools)


Via Pratolungo, Pratolungo, No IT

Type of Event

  • Retreat

Yoga Styles



Apr 21 to
May 1
09:30 amto00:00 am

level 1
start 21st at 9.30
finish 25th at 16.30
level 2
starts 27th at 10.30
finisn 1st at 16.30



Full Description

It is also an excellent opportunity to get to know each other and get to know other people through the conscious touch, presence, listening and application of the "Metta", also called lovingness or unconditional love, that human ability to help and want to do good cultivating the heart. Thai massage is a discipline that helps us to develop this noble human aspect that is not always easy to grow and put into practice ...... and that makes Thai massage so special.
And a discipline that allows us to get in touch with ourselves, our body and our spirit, allows us to become aware of where we are mentally and physically at all times. Through the breath and the presence we bring back in connection with the deepest part of us and the people we deal with to get to stimulate and activate the subtle mental, psychic, emotional and astral bodies that will help to bring a rebalancing and psychophysical wellbeing.

Through the aspects of fluidity, rhythm, presence, listening, breathing and centering we enter a moving meditation to bring us back and bring mind, body and spirit to a biological rhythm. This allows us to put into practice the many pieces that we would like to cultivate on a spiritual journey of inner growth.

The retreat will be enriched by the daily practice of yoga asanas exercises, to warm up and relax the body to prepare for the practice of Thai yoga massage.
The practice of yoga will also help us to begin to listen to our body, to become aware of movements, breathing and to start coordinating movements with the breath that will be one of the fundamental aspects of the practice of Thai yoga massage.
We will also introduce elements of self-massage, to gain confidence in the body of the effects of Thai massage, and to have more sensitivity and listening when practicing with another person.
And to give us moments of deep relaxation and recharge and reactivate the energetic body we will give ourselves the nidra yoga practices.

We will also take half a free day to take a meditative walk, starting from the Centro D'Ompio to visit one of the beautiful historical and landscape attractions that surround it.
We will begin the walk by following the tradition of the forest monks of the Theravada Bhuddist tradition, where for the first 15 minutes we will focus on the sensations we feel in our feet as we perform the various steps.
This will help us to cultivate listening, and keep the mind focused in the here and now, and awareness of the body's movements.