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Thai Yoga Massage Retreat Level 1

During the Retreat we will learn how to give a full body massage, learning the principles of work of Thai Yoga massage. Retreat well include practice of Hatha Yoga and Vipassana meditation, to improve minfulness af body and loving kindness.


Cascina Granbego - Associazione di Promozione Sociale e B&B149765
Loc. Colla 3 - Fraz. Maddalena (SV), Sassello, Savona Liguria, IT 17046

Type of Event

  • Retreat

Yoga Styles



Apr 16 to
Apr 23
11:00 amto07:00 am

The students are invited to arrive on the evening of the 16th of April before 18.00 in order to stat the retreat the morning of the 23rd.
The retreat will end on the 23rd of April after luch at 2 PM-


-7.00 wake up -7.30-9.00 yoga and meditation (some days by the beach)
-9.00-10.00 breakfast -10.00-13.00 massage lessons -13.00-15.00 lunch -15.00-19.00 massage lessons -19.00-20.30 dinner

Evenings around the fire with music and chantings and meditation.


650 €

Price includes the tuiton fees, accomodation and 3 vegetarian meals per day.

Full Description


Traditional Thai massage, called in Thailand “Nuat phaen boran”, which means “massage in the old way” is an old healing art rooted in the Ayurvedic tradition, the yoga tradition and later on was also influenced by the knowledge of Chinese medicine.

Originated in India, it became popular in Thailand with the arrival of Buddhist monks in the third century , and it was practiced by them in temples until recent days, as a prevention, cure and as a spiritual practice to apply the mental quality of mindfulness, loving kindness (metta) and equanimity, obtained by the daily practice of Vipassana meditation.

Traditional Thai massage, or also called Thai yoga massage follows the principles of the yoga philosophy to balance the energies of the 5 bodies (physical, energetic (prana), mental, conscious and cosmic), to free the blockages in the energy body and the related symptoms, working the 10 energy lines called “SEN” in Thailand, using physical exercises of pressure, stretching and twisting; and stimulating some pressure points.

Thai yoga massage is ideal to obtain a deep relaxation, to reduce stress, improve flexibility, to stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, to soften muscular contraction,to detoxify the body and rejuvenates the cells, to realign the posture,vitality and to improve general health and well being obtained by the energy balance.

During the course we will learn how to give a full body massage, to keep a correct body posture, to breath correctly, and how to use the body weight correctly in order to obtain an effective work for the receiver and to protect the body of the giver. Also how to distinguish and locate the main energy lines “SEN” and how to work them. We will learn some pressure points and their therapeutic application, and some technique for relaxation and concentration.

The course is complemented with the daily practice of Vipassana meditation and Hatha yoga lessons to cultivate mindfulness of movement and breath of our own body.


-Conscious breathing: this aspect will be mainly worked through the practice of VIpassana meditation. To do the massage work we have to focus to be in the here and now, beeing conscious of our breathing pattern as well as the receiver´s. Beeing relaxed and with a good breathing rythm we can transmit peace and have a right concentration state to start the massage practice. At the moment we are aware of our breathing pattern we can release physical and mental tension, this will automatically transmit this state to teh receiver.

-Body awarness: this aspect will be covered by the daily practice of Hatha Yoga, and later with the techniques learning during thai massage classes. The conscious body movement will be harmonious and progressive, never fast and brisk. We wil learned balanced body movement which will teach as to keep a correct body posture during our massage in order not to get tyred and to transmit balanced energy in a fluent way.

-Mind awarness: we try to quiete the mind to connect with our inner being. In order to do this we will practice daily Buddhist Vipassana Meditacion, which is the tradicional meditacion from the Therevada Buddhist in Thailand.

-Learning the technique: by assisting to the demo by the teacher, and the daily practice of the different exercises, with your massage partner, will give you the ability to assimilate in a correct way the massage and all what you will learn during the course. The all practice will lead us to feel in a different way always deeper level of our being and our consciousness. Over the time it will help to awaken the necessary spiritual consciuosness, to see in an intuitive way the physical and mental blokages, which are the origin of our disconforts.

Once understood all the passages expalined before we will practice them during the course till we will be able to give a full body massage.


-feet massage. -legs energy lines. -single legs exercises. -back position. -abdomen, arms and face.


-general info on Thai Yoga massage: history and foundation. -notions of the 10 energy lines SEN : to locate theme and threat. -how to keep a correct posture during work. -how to work using the body gravity and the breathing -indications and contra-indications of the different techniques learned -correct transition from the different techniques in order to give an harmonious and fluent massage.


The course will be ceertified by the School "Thai Massaga Art", authorised by the italian Federation of Traditional Thai Massage "