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The 21 Day Superstar Cleanse with Rainbeau Mars Lifestyles

The 21-Day SuperStar Cleanse: A Rejuvenating Lifestyle Program to Help You Feel Younger, Healthier, and Ready to Rock the World! by Rainbeau Mars


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10960 Wilshire Blvd., 5th Floor, Los Angeles US

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May 6 to
May 27
11:00 amto23:45 pm



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MAY 6TH-27TH, 2018

Summer is fast approaching and with these remaining days of Spring it's time to clean out all that no longer serves us to greet the warmer days in all of our shining radiance!

Ready to stop limiting yourself to old patterns? Invest in your health and take action towards the even more amazing person you're becoming!

Join us for the 21 Day Superstar Cleanse and breakthrough to the new you!

Enroll by Friday, April 27th and invite a friend to join for FREE as part of our 2-for-1 Special offer!

Get 21 Days of recipes, meal plans, yoga poses, lifestyle tips, mantras, group support, education and inspiration to transform your body, mind and life naturally!


Easily - in your own home in your own time. If you have an email address you can do this program!

For more in-depth support, Upgrade to our Shine Package for one-to-one guidance and a personalized cleanse customized just for you.

Our weekly webinar calls are recorded, but we recommend you connect with us in real time. Even if you don't do it 100 percent, it can still motivate you enough to make some positive new changes! This is a win/win for all!

WEEK 1 "Re-Balancing with the Vegan Diet" with author and master herbalist, Brigitte Mars!

WEEK 2 "Activating with Live Foods" with plant-based chef, Nicole Derseweh!

WEEK 3 "Rejuvenating with Blended" with C. Rey Koo of Raw Cane Juice Cleanse!


"The new you is waiting. Put aside the foods that pollute, destroy and harm, and eat what the mother has provided us -- food that's healthy for you body and the planet. Rainbeau will show you how."
—James Cameron, Academy Award Winning Director/Producer

"My skin is glowing, I feel younger, awake, clear and beautiful. Thank you Rainbeau!"
—Harmony B.

"The 21-Day Superstar Cleanse is a great book, and the recipes are great. A gift, really. I love how Rainbeau presents her subject matter in a positive, easy light so that everyone can embrace the ideas and start to move the needle to a healthier lifestyle."
—Ashley Koff,

"To follow this star-lit path is to learn how to cook and eat deliciously; to flex your body-temple in breathtakingly loving ways; to cleanse the toxic and inhale the beautiful. Just think. In 21 days, after following this “rainbow path, ” your inner and outer self will be aligned with the “true self” that you are. This isn’t only a journey of a lifetime: it is the journey to life.”
—Cyndi Dale, Author of The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy; The Intuition Guidebook; Kundalini: Divine Energy, Divine Life

Even when you've sold out on your self, Rainbeau won't. Her 21 day program is an unrelenting stand for us to take dominion over our Self Care. One could not ask for a better cheerleader for our empowerment to be at the source of our greatest resource- well being. Take her medicine, swallow the pill.
—Terces Engelhart, co-founder of Café Gratitude

Let me just say that Rainbeau's cleanse is absolutely TRANSFORMATIONAL. A beautiful gift for someone (or yourself) that keeps on giving!!!
—N. Heming

I need less sleep, I am finally off coffee, I lost fifteen pounds and I will never go back – I am in forever ‐I cant wait to share to lead my friends and families on the same thing. Keep up the good work!
—Melissa H.

I was introduced to Rainbeau Mars by following Russell Simmons Instagram. I am truly a fan of hers. I purchased the book not knowing what to expect. This book is wonderful, I can feel her passion and love for helping others. As I turn the pages I feel like she really put a lot of passion and love in its creation. I have read quit a few books similar to this book but this is the first time I feel connected to the book. A lot of the books are written by Doctors and Nurses but they lack the love and dedication that she has. I would truly recommend this book to anyone that is serious about changing there life.
—S. Cooper

I'm so revitalized and strong ! Eating delicious foods and getting more fit. I'm glowing and radiant. Thank you Rainbeau!
—Elizabeth G.

It is such a great guideline for teaching people how to be healthy not just with food but also with life. I have learned so much from it and I will continue to follow it. Thank you Rainbeau for giving us this great gift of health and life.

Full of great information You can go hardcore, or start out gently and set new goals as you go along. Well set out and easy to follow.

I think one of the coolest things about this book is that it offers you lots of OPTIONS--pick and choose what works best for you. I don't think anyone is going to take away your birthday if you don't make every single recipe on every single day. Options are meant to be inspiring, get your creative juices flowing, as a guide. I found this to be one of the most comprehensive, thorough, time-tested (5 years) cleanses I have ever come across. Bravo to Rainbeau Mars for putting her heart and soul into sharing this information with us.
—Aqua J.

A comprehensive guide to cleansing! My wife and I do a cleanse 2 times a year and are always looking for as much information as we can get. At fist look this book that seems to have it all covered down to yoga positions to support you during the cleanse. Very well laid out with some great recipes, can't wait to try more.

I am glad I got this book. Rainbeau Mars has such a compassionate heart it really shines through in this book. I like the options she gives to the reader to let go of bad habits and shift into a more healthy lifestyle. Her approach comes from experience so it is woven with inspirational energy. There is so much the book has to offer. I feel anyone that is looking for a reboot can benefit from this read. Thanks Rainbeau!
—Debrajoe S.

I’ll never forget meeting Rainbeau Mars. We were outside our children's preschool. Here before me was this gorgeous girl who literally glowed from the inside out. A vision. Meanwhile I had just started chemotherapy for stage 3 cancer, clearly not looking or feeling my best. Rainbeau was just about to jump into her Prius when she warmly reached out to me and introduced herself. Rainbeau took me under her angelic wing that day. She not only taught me yoga and meditation, but she prepared healthy meals and snacks for me. She educated me in nutrition with cooking demonstrations; she gave me positive affirmations, a new mindset, bodywork sessions, books, DVDs and a wonderful friendship. Rainbeau ‐ I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you did for me during my most difficult time. You truly helped bring me back to health, both physically and mentally. I am a changed person for meeting you. You are an inspiration in how we should all try to live our lives. With love, health and vitality. I admire your ambition to try to help change the lives of all you can reach.
—Karina, mother, wife, cancer survivor

This book is excellent if your looking to follow a more plant based vegan diet. The food and nutrition advice is clearly explained and it really made me think about how a see food and what I put in my body. The health and lifestyle tips are also useful and great to have at a glance. The 21 day cleanse includes not just recipes but positive affirmations and yoga poses from Rainbeau to keep you motivated and inspired. After completing the 21 day cleanse I lost 6 pounds and felt great but also kept up with a lot of the lifestyle changes which means I now live a greener and more environmentally friendly existence.
—Miss MF Kelly

Rainbeau has a very special gift of helping her students bring consciousness to every area of their body. She has taught me to slow down and take time for myself. Her knowledge of body alignment and ways to detoxify the body has brought me great relief and inspiration. Her 3‐week Cleanse program is truly a fresh start, and I’d recommend it to anyone. She cares for her students and wants to see all of us be our very best, for that, I am so grateful.
—Blythe Metz, actress/writer/producer/eco‐en trepreneur

The program is great for anyone looking to improve their eating habits and take their health to the next level. You can start where you are with no judgment, no finger wagging. Just show up with a commitment to learn as much as possible and up‐level your own health… I learned new ways of eating and acquired tools that I’ll continue to utilize forever. This cleanse is not about limiting portions, or dieting. It’s about learning new ways of eating that better serve your body, mind, soul and planet.
—Magda Rod, visionary eco-preneur/consultant

She comes in colors, and she is everywhere. Rainbeau Mars is not only a yoga master of masters; she is a super star goddess healer. She has greatly made my experience on earth more blissful. You can get it if you really want it.
—Gregory Cipes, actor, musician

I met Rainbeau Mars as a fellow yoga practitioner. It was hard to me not to notice her; she was like a dedicated radiant flower blooming gracefully from the inside out. Real beauty comes from within, and is an expression of life, that is richly and fully lived. The earthly and soulful delights Rainbeau offers are my testament to real her beauty which she wants to share with you. I'm very honored to call her my teacher and friend.
—Bruce Harrison, businessman, father

I feel amazing, my life has totally changed. Thank you – I am doing the next one too.
—Suzie C.

My skin is glowing, I feel younger, awake, clear and beautiful. Thank you Rainbeau.
—Harmony K.

The support, recipes, manual, calls and group has been amazing and so unexpected – you charged way too little for this program.
—Jaden L.

Grateful to have this support! the movement in my body with my yoga is so much more free flowing less resistance.
—Sarah C.

I just wanted to write that convinced Ms. me and my daughter to veganism. I am the daughter of a vegetarian for several years, but I could not give up dairy products. I started with you to practice yoga with DvD when my little girl came back to life after a deadly disease. If not for this album, if not yoga, if you do not word for it .... I did not have strength. You saved me, so that I can continue to be a strong mother. My daughter often preparing a place for me in the room, lighted candles, he puts out the light, and she took the dog so that I could peacefully practice of yoga. At the end always came into the room and talked together Namaste .. My daughter Nicole has always dreamed of Hawaii, so watching DVDs with me, I do exercise and she dreams ... I can not convince her to exercise and it would have helped her. Now we proposed with vegetarianism gone vegan and cleanse the body. I hope that we will succeed. I also wish to become a teacher of yoga for children and their parents can, who knows. Today, we live in Spain, I have the beach and the rocks, I do yoga .. We wish you loved Rainboau of success, love and happiness in life!
—Nicole and Camila

I just wanted to reach out and say thank you. While I was out on a short-term leave from work following a diagnosis of Depression and General Anxiety Disorder, I found a copy of Rainbeau's Yoga for Beauty DVDs in my local library. I'd always been curious about yoga, but too scared to try. I was plagued by perfection and faulty thinking and had always been too embarrassed to show up to the mat, let alone to a studio. The first time I practiced with Rainbeau I knew I wasn't always getting it "right" - but for the first time, I somehow could let the "rightness" go. Day after day I came back, and soon, without totally realizing it, yoga became a daily practice. The lend from the library led to my own purchase of the DVDs, which led to a discovery of the 21 Day Superstar Cleanse - which led to greater clarity, self-love, the confidence to practice yoga in a group setting, a loss of excess weight, and a true love of superfoods. Today, I'm craving the things that are good for me. I've returned to I'm killing it. I talk about your DVDs and Cleanse to all who are open, and have shared many of my positive experiences on my blog. While I'm certain these emails are many, I wanted to be mindful to add one more positive reinforcement to your already powerful force.
Eternally Grateful and an Authentic Partner in Sharing the Good,

Dear Rainbeau, thank you for the many days of I signed up half-heartedly, means I was curious, but not motivated to follow. When your daily inspirations popped into my emails i did not read them -- but a tiny voice in myself did not let erase them either, so i collected them in a file. Your emails where far too long to read them completely, i stopped mostly after a paragraph or picked only a few But then something strange happened, i was looking forward your next inspiration and I enjoyed reading it, I was thrilled to see what you have to and i opened the a day later i not only watched the video but i followed it. I am humbled and grateful, Rainbow! Thank you very very much, the tiny lovely sprout in myself picked up and enjoys to be alive again (after quite a time of distress with myself). I am writing here with a gentle smile of being in peace. I am very grateful indeed for all the energy and vibes you have packed into your work and inspiration and thankful you are sharing it publicly. I will unpack now all daily inspirations i have so well guarded in my file and start to detox, enjoying also the yoga (yes, i signed-up and go to a local yoga class). All blessings and success for you, thank you again.

I really appreciate Rainbeau's approach to getting us all to be our healthiest most vibrant selves. I find the book and her teachings approachable, be you a smoker/coffee drinker/alcohol consumer or be you a pillar of health, Rainbeau has something to share with you all. There is an emphasis on super foods which can get expensive, but for me I gave it a try, saying, I'm worth it. The cost seems to even out when you find old habits shedding away and refocused energy on well-being. Rainbeau is a wealth of knowledge and a true free spirit. Let you light shine!!!

Rainbeau Mars is an incredible representation of health, beauty, fitness and vibrant living! I purchased the 21 day cleanse book thirsty for ways to become more mindful of my body and the things I put into it. I have to say that in three weeks that I read and followed the recipes, yoga and spiritual exercises, I became a more clear-minded, happy-hearted, self-aware person. I felt I enjoyed simple things more, like a beautify prepared and well seasoned vegetable. I was able to have the energy and patience to be a better and more connected mother. And finally, I looked and felt better - my skin cleared, the whites of my eyes became whiter, I had more energy, I lost the last pesky pounds that I held on to from pregnancy, found a new depth in my faith and spirituality, and I felt at peace. I will keep this book close to me always and of course share all that it taught me. Thank you Rainbeau!
—Sachiko R.

I have had the pleasure of participating in Rainbeaus cleanses so far twice this year, as I signed up for the yearly package which has been a great foundation for this book. I already am quite knowledgeable in some areas, though there are others that I have learned so much from Rainbeau. I just ordered the book and look forward to having it as a go to guide to keep me on track! I am planning on giving my daughters their own copies as Rainbeau is a true inspiration, activist, and a beautiful person inside and out!
—Wendy Eden

I have loved and been a fan of Rainbeau Mars for about 15 years. I have some of the first dvds she ever made Pure Sweat, Pure Tranquility, Pure Power, I even own the beauty series and the Ra'Yoka dvd. I received my copy of the 21 Day Super Star Cleanse early because I pre-ordered it so I have had my copy since March 22 :) I have not been able to put it down. I have not begin the cleanse yet as I am preparing; however, the inspiration that has come from just the first few pages is phenomenal. Rainbeau Mars is very inspiring. If you move through the book as she has written it you have every reason to succeed and become your authentic super star self. Its amazing how she has poured herself into this book. I feel like I have her right beside me coaching me through this experience.

I was a nutrition student under Rainbeau's mother Brigitte Mars who originally introduced me to Rainbeau's yoga videos. I love her Rayoka instructional video! She's spot on with her nutrition advice and I love how she calls herself a "flexitarian." It's great to finally have access to her cleanse recipes and advice in book form so that I can do my own cleanse anytime I need a pick me up! I'm only 19 days postpartum today and desperately need a cleanse that's gentle, nourishing, filling and supportive of my breast feeding lifestyle - I think this cleanse can easily be structured to fit what I need and what anyone needs at any point in life! I highly recommend it.
—Crunchy Mommy

I loved this book. If anyone wants to get started on a healthy eating program or continue to keep getting healthier then this is a great book for that. I also love doing the Rainbeau Mars "Yoga for Beauty" the dawn and dusk programs.
—Arlene W.

I have been a health and wellness junkie for over a decade and this book still had plenty to teach me! You can tell that it was written with so much love, passion and knowledge. It is not just about a cleanse to lose weight or be fit, but a full mind and body rejuvenation. There may be other cleanse or program books on the market but this is the most comprehensive one that I have seen. It gives you mantras, yoga, self care tips, recipes and more! Whether you are a wellness junkie like me or you are just starting to explore a healthier lifestyle this book will have plenty to teach you in a way that is easy to make a part of your everyday life.
—Tricia H.

Such a wonderful book. I love how Rainbeau gives you a step by step daily guidance during this 21 day cleanse. You not only get motivation but great recipes, poses, and lots of healthy information to read.
—Karma Fitness

I have gone through the book and I am prepared with grocery list in hand to go the store and be ready to start the cleanse. Rainbeau's words are encouraging, inspiring, and challenging while not being judgmental. I cannot wait to try it and see how it works!
—Desiree M

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