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The art of being free

A talk with Tiger Singleton on the topic of "Self-discovery & The art of being'' at FreeFlow in Porto.


Rua Vale Formoso 284, Porto PT 4200-509

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May 18
20:30 pmto22:30 pm

Sat sang com Tiger Singleton


12 €

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Tiger holds space for the opportunity to investigate a deeper sincerity and authentic connection with yourself and others, so you can allow yourself more freely to truly be yourself in today's world. Tiger is undeniably exposing you the depth of your inherent worth, beauty and conscious ability to create a joyful life.

Rest in a space that truly allows you to relax, ask questions, or just listen with an open heart. You are welcome to be YOU.

* 18 May 2018
* From 20:30 to 22:30
* FreeFlow, Rua Vale Formoso 284 in Porto
* €12,-.

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* Some words from *
"To truly be free in today’s world, we must first recognize Life’s inherent freedom to simply be what it is. As you see this, the nature of freedom in all of life, you can allow yourself to fall into your inherent freedom to naturally and effortlessly be You. The major obstacle, is not resistance from the world, it is our own resistance and fear to truly allow ourselves to be free. And this is Question is; are you willing to see this, opening up to the possibility of being absolutely free, already?"

* About Tiger Singleton *
With an open heart Tiger holds space for a profound exploration into the art of being (you). His sharings gently guide you into the direction of seeing the real opportunity of this life; to See the miracle that you are, just Be, and Share the love that you are. By default he invites you to look within, and sincerely investigate the relationship with yourself (how do you see yourself?) and all the ways you deny yourself with imagined self-imposed limitations. Ultimately leaving you with the undeniable truth that what you crave most in this life is what you already are. Tiger is compassionately disruptive and unapologetically direct in his attempts to articulate the nature of everything, exposing the depth of beauty in the experience and opportunity of being a human being. Tiger sets the stage for the discovery of a deeper sincerity of authentic connection with yourself & all of life, so you simply cannot longer deny the absolute freedom to just be yourself, the opportunity to dance in this life, and sing your heart’s song.

* Opportunity *
This is an opportunity to get profoundly honest about the nature of what you are; whole, complete, joy, incredibly already. Discover. See for

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Aloha! & to the Beauty that you Already Are!