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The Art of Intention

Setting an Intention is a powerful thing. To be clear and specific on what you want to achieve in life allows you to re-align with your purpose. In this 6 week series you will uncover your deepest desire and plant the seed of intention that will take you there. You will learn empowering tools to add significance and value to your intention and through the practice of meditation you will discover the roadmap for nurturing your desire while finding the strength to take action


915 NW 19th Ave, Portland OR, US 97209

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Jan 11
04:00 amto05:00 am



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Week 1: {SHFT}~ What is your Intention? Find out what your intention is and how to get to the core of what you really want to achieve in the New Year.

Intentions are what you want to manifest. Authentic and powerful intentions are meant to cultivate action. A meaningful intention is sincere and promotes well-being.

Week 2: {ECHO} Find your personal Mantra: Find a word/phrase that you can use as a tool (source of grounding/clarity/north star/guide) during meditation and in daily life

The process of setting and working towards your intention declares to yourself (and others) that you are serious (and clear) about your dreams and goals. Through the use of empowering thoughts and language you will find your personal mantra that will embody the essence of your intention.

Week 3: {MIND} Planting and Nurturing the seed of intention.

Your intention is like a seed. If you hold onto that seed, nothing will happen to it. But if you plant that seed, it will turn into a seedling, and then a tree, and then that tree will bear fruit, and that fruit will feed other beings, and more seeds will be born. How we nourish this seed is key to our success.

Week 4: {LOVE} Gratitude and Intention

Practicing gratitude has proven to be one of the most astounding ways of expanding your life. Acknowledgement of plenitude is imperative to create what you most want. Gratitude expands you beyond all limits.

Week 5: {REST}~ Nourishing your intention through gratitude and relaxation

Through rest you can make a conscious crossover from the logical left-brain to the intuitive right brain where intention is carried out spontaneously and effortlessly. Activate the harmonizing power of your subconscious to deeply integrate with your intention.

Week 6: {SHFT}~ Going beyond your intention to create a great life

This is about moving past boundaries. Begin to set aside with intention any limiting thoughts or beliefs. Learn to gracefully confront self-defeating obstacles and set yourself up for success.