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The Calm Within the Storm: Naad Yoga for Stress Relief

Experience the power of Sound & Mantra to reduce stress, increase your vitality and restore inner peace!


7-9 Eccleston Street, London London, GB SW1W 9LX

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  • Workshop

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Jan 25
14:30 pmto16:30 pm



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In this workshop you will learn how to boost your resilience with meditation, chanting, deep listening and breathing exercises. You will discover the science of Sound behind Naad Yoga and the many ways it can help us to adapt and thrive to the challenges of modern life.

Naad Yoga is an alchemical process involving sound & emotions, transforming the lead of our life experience into the gold of self-realisation.
Naad Yoga is the yoga of sound. All experience has a sound – whether expressed aloud or not – and the mastery of that sound, that vibration within ourselves enables us to shape our experience and our life.
Through contemplation, which is essentially an inner listening, we tune in to our mind and soul: we become aware of the emotions that drive us, the motives that animate our mind and the longing of our soul. By listening to music set in Raags – specific moods translated into music – we create a bridge between our inner world and the outer world. This bridge allows us to directly communicate with our mind, alter our emotional state and to better understand our inherent nature.
In turn, by working with our voice and learning to express the mood of each of the Raags, connecting emotion, pitch, tone and rhythm, we are able to better relate to our environment. Naad Yoga lets us develop our emotional competence by guiding us to consciously feel our emotions, release emotional blocks and trauma and find healthy ways to express our feelings.