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The Chakra System

The Chakra System is a series of 8 workshops:
1. Introductory, 2. Mooladhara, 3. Swadhisthana, 4. Manipura, 5. Anahata, 6. Vishuddhi, 7. Ajna, 8. Sahasrara. Learn how each energy center impacts aspects of our personality and how to balance them for a more harmonious life.


Dec 12
18:00 pmto20:00 pm

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Full Description

The Chakra System is presented in a series of 8 workshops (introductory and 7 main chakras) that will shed light into this system of subtle energy centers and channels reflecting Yogic Physiology, Philosophy and Psychology. Participants learn to interweave a deep and multi-layered awareness into their asanas, body/mind, breath, emotions, and visualizations, creating a truly integrated experience that aims to improve all aspects of one's personality. The practices learned help purify and balance this system. Each workshop includes Yoga Nidra and a Chakra Meditation.