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The De-Stress Effect Workshops: Gut Feelings

In these workshops, Charlotte will take you through practical aspects of her book The De-Stress Effect (Hay House 2015), to explore the roots and find ways through how our mind-bodies build up and express the particular psycho-social stresses of the 21st century.



28-29 Bond Street, Brighton GB
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Oct 14
18:30 pmto20:30 pm



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Gut Feelings: Your Belly is the Heart of Your Health & Stress Coping

Whether you feel stress as butterflies in the tummy or full-blown IBS, changes in our bellies are part of the mind-body stress response. This is on many levels; changes in bacterial gut environment, signals of safe/unsafe up from the ‘second brain’ in our bellies and muscular tissue tension that spreads through our whole bodies – to name a few. Understanding these can help our awareness if when they happen and how to help ourselves notice when we are overwhelmed and need self-care. Most importantly though, simply paying attending to our needs at a visceral and intuitive level can help us listen and respond to the important messages our bellies have for us! This is the way to freedom from digestive issues, which ripples out to mental, immune, hormonal, skin, joint and detoxification health.

Each two-hour session will follow half-hour sections, with handouts provided of the content, yoga practice and recommendations:

30 mins: Introductory talk and discussion on how the theme for the month is felt and why, offering understanding and connections from scientific and traditional perspectives, that might include sources like nutritional therapy, yoga, Buddhism, mindfulness, psychoneuroimmunology (PNI), functional medicine and even a bit of quantum theory! Explanations will be clear, easy to follow and relatable to real life.

30 mins: Gentle and simple, moving somatic yoga practice (mostly lying) to physically connect with the theme and provide some key movements or poses that you can do at home

30 mins: Talk on the practical applications you can explore to support issues that arise – nutrition, lifestyle and mindset.

15 mins: Mindful meditation or practice (recorded, for you to use at home)

15 mins: Q&A

Whether you have specific symptoms or not, each workshop relates to the ways that all of our bodies respond to stress. You can attend singly or as a series of three to build up your self-care resources as you need. More themes will be added for 2017.