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The Feminine Activation: Stepping Into Your Magic

This is not your standard yin yoga training, this isn’t your standard anything. This is a training that embodies the feminine power that exists in all of us. Our powers to: see, feel, listen, sense, download, follow, and drop into the undercurrents. It’s our power of magic, working with the invisible, and of deep transmutation.


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Dragonfly village, Bali Ubud, ID

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  • Teacher Training

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Dec 2 to
Dec 16
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This is not your standard yin yoga training, this isn’t your standard anything. This is a training that embodies the feminine power that exists in all of us. Our powers to: see, feel, listen, sense, download, follow, and drop into the undercurrents. It’s our power of magic, working with the invisible, and of deep transmutation.

This is our Female Fire – Us under the stars in the dark, rich dirt and thick singing trees, our Fire is the alchemy of the breath of life and dreaming. We call starlight down to the ground so that we can begin to receive our own Grace.

We use our yin yoga practice in a creative way to return to a space of stillness and discover the rewiring, clearing, and messages that happen there. The power of not-doing, the power of being able to be with ourselves, and the potency that emerges there. One of our greatest powers is our ability to feel ourselves and to reclaim our true sensing skills is essential in knowing who we are, who we’ve been, where we’re going and what our own truth is.

As a teacher finding your own voice in this work, you will discover how to healthily hold space, how by listening more deeply and owning who you are will create a more potent space, and discover all of the energetic nuances that happen while teaching. This is your opportunity to reclaim your own magic.

Along with yin practices, we will be supporting our practices with more dynamic and fluid body-mind rewiring practices which have their own elixir of metamorphoses and you are welcome to use and share in any way that inspires you. Part of our journey is also stepping into our power of magic-seeing: reclaiming our imagination and our ability to create in a multi-dimensional way. We call this Shamanic Dreaming or Yogic Vision Quest – a variation on the Yoga Nidra. You will reclaim your own power to dream and heal for yourself and also how to share with others to do the same.

You’ll also have your own cosmic and earth journey as you journey through the layers of your chakras. Of course, the material we meet is dependent upon who shows up and what’s happening on the globe at the moment. What may be included is:

Dive into your roots: Ancestral Work, Reclaiming Your Ground, Choose to Exist
The Power of Pleasure and bringing your Sensuality and Sexuality Online Own Your Pelvis and Creativity, Meeting any blockages, fear or pain that is holds you back
Own Your “Carebear” and ability to sense the world around you. Power management – where do you leak and how to expand, How to draw inwards and resource
The art of giving and receiving, Meet Your Soul Purpose
Your Power to Create: what creates holes in your Field and how to strengthen your Field
Dive into your Unique World of Magic as well as Casting and Breaking Spells
The Magic of Menstruation
What you’ll meet in yourself during these days:
Any blockages that you’re holding – whether they are physical, emotional, or limiting beliefs
Your power to meet yourself in all of your textures and entirety
Turn on your super-senses:
– Your inner knowing beyond rationality and linear thinking
– Your ability to perceive in a multidimensional way
– The messages you receive through more refined senses of hearing, seeing, and feeling, the magical and profound way your body communicates your personal truth to you
– Own your sensitivity, your ability to connect to more invisible realms, your intelligence that connects you to your true creative genius and wisdom Utilise parts of your brain you may have not been conditioned to ordinarily use
Your ability to hold space – which also includes owning your ground and having healthy boundaries with yourself and others
How to sequence both a biodynamic yin class as well as how to integrate other movement practices in a supportive and inspiring way
What it means to be neutral
Understanding Projection and Transference and how this happens between students and teacher and how to navigate it
Work with the Field in a class – and understand the power of your own presence
How to make Subtle Energetic Adjustments
Understand how you tune in on mental, emotional, physical, ancestral and collective planes
Reclaim your power to dream and create from the subtle
Own your intuition – and what blocks you from our superpowers
The power of your different brainwave states
Own Your Own Voice – how and where you speak from makes a difference
The Power of Ritual and Ceremony: your Moon Cycles
The Importance of Safety and How to Truly Surrender
Recognise and work with the subtle energetics of the body, hold the Field, work with the chakras, use breath and guided imagery for transformation
Evolve Your Pain
The Yogic Vision Quest: Taking Yourself and Others on a Journey
Space is limited as we keep the group intimate for a more supportive and potent experience. If you feel the calling to step into your magic and activate and surrender to your true feminine, then this is for you.

What is Biodynamic Yin?
Biodynamic Yin is the practice of Yin (longer-held passive poses that influence the fascia and energy lines of the body) interwoven with the awareness and wisdom of biodynamic craniosacral therapy, working with the chakras and auric field. You will learn how to trust your sensitivity and sense your own unique energetic field (as no one’s energetic bodies are exactly the same.) You will also sense the blockages in your body on emotional, karmic, ancestral, and other levels and how to dissolve them through using breath, focus, connecting to the witness and using intention. We will be practicing in a space in which the “Field” is held – the potent life force that exists within all of us…and it’s through the settling down of ourselves and remembering that we can bring our awareness back to this. No one else teaches Yin in this format.

What is biodynamic craniosacral therapy?
In this context, we learn how to feel the energetic tides in the body and develop awareness of our own fluid nature. We will also sense what it means and feels to sense our own energetic fields, the fields of others, as well as “The Field” or entire healing space of the room. We see the power that occurs in “doing nothing” and deeply relaxing, on being the witness and seeing how the body has its own potential to heal itself once its inherent wholeness is recognized. We understand the power of our own personal presence, how the consciousness and integration in our own Field influences others, and recognize the transformation that occurs for everyone when we ourselves remember who we truly are.

Please note: Before taking this course you must have taken the Kabira School of Energy’s Energy 101 and the hands-on Energy Course “Connection.” For this course we offer Connection November 21-28th. If you have already taken Yoga Energetics Foundation Training or previous energetic courses with Cat Kabira that will also be accepted. If you have previous training in other energetic modalities and want that to be considered as your pre-requisite, please contact us at

Sample Schedule
Please note that the schedule will change according to the needs of the group.

7.45-9.45am Practice
9.45am-11am Brunch and Break
11-1pm Afternoon Session
4-6pm Evening Practice
Regular Tuition: $3300
Private room: additional $500 US
Price includes:

A Moon Ceremony as well as other transformational ceremonies led by Cat Kabira
2 meals/day and accommodations (based on shared-occupancy)
All instruction and props
Training manual

Required and Suggested Readings:
Required Books (please bring these with you to the training)
Yoga Nidra, by Swami Satyananda Saraswati

Suggested Readings (not required)

The Subtle Body, by Cyndi Dale
The Anatomy of Spirit, by Carolyn Myss
Hands of Light by Barbara Ann Brennan
The Heart of Listening by Hugh Milne
Insight Yoga by Sarah Powers
The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga by Bernie Clark
Check out Carolyn Myss’ website as she has paid and free resources as well – especially with Energy Anatomy.

To gain perspective, you may want to watch Paul Grilley’s Yin Yoga DVD