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The Five Elements Summer retreat – Sweden

Life is a celebration of creative expression, each moment a possible canvas to express our deep felt sense of Freedom, to share with others the shining inspiration of being alive. The Daoists knew this thousands of years ago, by watching the Divine rhythms of Nature, gaining deep understanding that we are nature, reflected through the 5 elements


Borntorpet, Skinnskatteberg SE 739 92

Type of Event

  • Retreat

Yoga Styles



Aug 8 to
Aug 12
11:00 amto14:00 pm

Daily schedule

Day 1
12:00pm – arrival and check in
4:30 – 6:30pm – Open class
7pm – 8pm – Dinner
8:30pm – 10pm – Evening program

Day 2 to Day 4
8am – 10am – Yoga or Qi Gong class
10am – 11am – Breakfast
11am – 1pm – Workshops (Optional)
1pm – 4:30 – Free contemplation time (swim, journaling)
5pm – 7pm – Yoga or Qi Gong


650 €

including food and accomodation

Full Description

The first day will be a journey into the Metal element and the lungs, dancing the Archetype of the lungs ability to receive life giving Oxygen. Working deep into the tissues and fascia around the lungs, allowing our breath to flow free, resolving any old issues and letting go of any stuck energies which with can hold in the lungs as sadness or depression and converting them into courage and self expression.

The second day we will journey into the Water element and the Kidneys, connecting to our Oceanic fluidity, softness and organic movement. The kidneys the seat of willpower and connection to our will to be. The source of our bodies physical essence, what the Chinese call ‘Jing’, shining bright from the eyes. The negative emotions of the kidneys are fear and contraction, while the positive are a connection to our sensitive communications with life.

The Third day connects us to the expansive nature of the liver, like the energy that is held inside a seed just before it bursts it’s limitations to bloom into life. Storing the blood and filtering our systems of toxins elements, the livers ability to create healthy boundaries, blooming our beings into their fullest potential.
The negative emotions connected to the liver and anger and frustration. When we convert these emotions into positive emotions and direct them in a healthy, clear way, we gain a creative force with such direction and expansion we dissolve personal limitations that can keep us from our full potentials.

The Forth day is an opening to the Fire element and the heart. Igniting our fires of love and compassion, the source of creative expression, the fire which is followed by light, is the Alchemy of Natures Art. Fire rises and dances taking the five element cycle to it’s highest expression, opening in celebration to Love, dissolving limitation to love, creating space in our beings for our inner light to shine forth and in this recognising the Divine spark in others.

The Fifty Day the last element of the 5 element cycle is the Earth element and the spleen. The central grounding core to our very nature, where the other elements rotate around our core. When our core is strongly rooted and happy, it roots and grounds all the other element in our lives. Bringing us back to the earth and reconnecting us to our bodies. Leaving the mind for a while to feel the skins joy of touching the world.

Classes and workshops descriptions
Yin Fascial Yoga combines Yin Yoga with integrative Daoist Yoga in longer held postures with slower movements into the fascia opening up the body meridian system. Blending with Myofascial Release to target connective tissues, supportive structures, called fascia. Incorporating Mindfulness as a powerful tool for awareness in your practice.

Qigong is the ancient art of circulating qi,‘the life energy’, around the body using specific movements. Aligning body, breath and spirit into singular expression. opening deep into the fascia and muscles, energising the meridian system and dissolving any enegetic blockages.

Meditation - Sitting in beautiful nature connecting through meditation to the, Calm, Quite space thats is constantly avaliable to us in each moment. Allowing us to move deeper to selp understanding for personal growth. Mindfulness - Maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment.

Mindfulness involves deep acceptance of everything arising in the moment, without judgments, just allowing them to be, allowing us just to be as we are.

Free flow dance - Spontaneous body movement, dancing through different rhythms related to the 5 Elements, guided with sounds and music, to allow the exploration of the self to flow free, allowing whatever comes to move and express and Dance it’s way into existence.

Art expression – Body painting. Playing with color and paint to bring light to our inner voices, allowing our creative juices to take form with paint and paper. Taking this into a playful sharing of body decoration painting our divine curves to take us into our celebration of Dance.

Heart sharing - Sitting together in the sacred circle to share with others our joys, sadness, inspirations, fears and Love.

Sauna, Swimming, walking in Nature
Free time to walk, dance, swim in the lake, take healing Sauna and just be and play here in Nature.

For who is this retreat?
For You who are longing to know your own creativity, opening your heart to free and expand to a deeper level of life’s connection. Looking for truth and genuine communication from a open heart.
You who have an inner longing to become more aligned with your authentic self – expression.
You who are yearning to live your life vibrantly expressing your full potential!
Come and celebrate life and yourself together with us tuning into your playful inner – child, rebellious teenager and the wise yourself.

“Our vision of yoga goes far beyond mere physical exercise, aiming atunderstanding who we are in essence. In our retreats this translates into a full experience of all aspects of yoga in a playful and profound way”

Beta Lisboa
Beta has been drawn to spirituality from a very young age, and began a path of personal and professional evolution that would take her from her native Brazil to Boston, Bali, India and beyond. Beta has travelled, learned and taught with celebrated body/mind teachers like Pattabhi Jois, Sarah Powers, Baron Baptiste, Prem Baba and Mooji, and with each experience has ventured deeper into our physical and lived experiences to develop her practice. Today Beta offers a comprehensive calendar of Teacher Trainings, Immersions, Intensives and Private Tuition, including the popular Seeds of Transformation Women’s Retreat.
Beta’s principle focus is on physical and emotional trauma release, and on supporting lasting wellness for the physical and emotional bodies. With over 20+ years experience guiding people through body/mind integration processes, Beta uses a unique combination yin yoga, myofascial release, and mindfulness meditation, to name but a few. Her style is personal and thorough, deep and individualized. Moreover it is perfectly suited to those who are curious about and ready for remarkable transformation in their lives. Beta is regularly invited to deliver programs at yoga studios and retreat centres throughout Europe and Asia.

Sai Calder
Sai has been involved in Eastern practices since the age of 5 where he was introduced to Judo and the elements of mindful practice in relation to body awareness and compassionate respect for others. At 13 he was introduced to a Benedictine monk who introduced him to western spiritual sciences of 'teilhard de chardin', and other western esoteric enlightenment systems. At 17 he came to study with Master Choy a Daoist master from China. Who taught the Taoist perspective to life, mindfulness, Qigong and internal cultivation. From there going to art Collage and studying as a painter and Graphic Designer, running Art studios. Deciding to leave the Uk and be full time in Asia, Simon has been travelling and studying in India, Thailand, Nepal, Malaysia and Bali. Practicing with Shamans and Yogis in Nepal, Chinese Masters in Malaysia and Bali and Divine Yogis and Tantra teachers in India and Bali, for the last 13 years. The culmination of these travels and practices has given a deeper understanding to the qualities and relationships to the connection between Mindfulness and the Myofascial matrix, which is a profound passion to cultivate and share this incredible understanding through Yin Yoga, Qigong and Mindfulness. To produce a mind body understanding towards freedom through compassion.